GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line

Sorting in the Smallest Spaces

Whether it's incoming goods, order picking or dispatch, the GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line provides you with a space-saving sorting solution that achieves maximum performance. The vertical structure and a variable number of destinations on both sides offer you the greatest possible flexibility in the smallest of spaces.

The SpeedSorter® line is used wherever reliable and cost-effective sorting of piece goods is in high demand. Whether containers, cartons, packets, packages or polybags and paper bags, the system efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively sorts your unit loads weighing up to 35 kg. The ability to easily adapt the number and type of infeeds and destinations, low operating and maintenance costs as well as the space-saving implementation allow you to respond to the increasing volume of packages worldwide as well as the same-day delivery expectations of your customers.

Take advantage of the SpeedSorter® line and increase your operational efficiency at low investment costs.

Brochure GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line

Advantages at a Glance

  • Space-saving use of space
  • Flexibly expandable at infeed, destinations and carriers
  • Plug and Play for easy commissioning
  • Precise insertion process through top loading
  • Direct access to all destinations
  • Robust mechanical structure
  • Low noise emissions
  • High availability
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
Powerful Technology – High Throughput

The sorter's modular design and customised layout make it possible to seamlessly interconnect Incoming Goods, Storage, Order Picking and Dispatch in a single logistics system. The SpeedSorter® line sorts up to 14,000 items per hour at a speed of up to 1.8 m/s. Whether you need to sort packets, polybags and paper bags or cartons and containers, the line sorter reliably and efficiently sorts everything from 150 x 100 x 10 to 800 x 600 x 600 millimetres in size and from 0.1 to 35 kilograms in weight. It moves longer unit loads up to a maximum of 1,200 millimetres using two carriers (double trays).

Mechanical meets Digital

What's more, the new sorter combines mechanics and digitisation. It seamlessly combines the robust and mechanical drive and the purely mechanical ejection principle with digital functions. To do this, it collects all the data and information contained in the sorting process and leverages it to increase productivity and continuously monitor the system.

The visual status display continuously represents a health check of all central components. In connection with the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT platform, the system displays the data in detail and monitors the system status. It employs intelligent algorithms and analyses a variety of operating parameters to predict when individual sorter components will fail and facilitates preventive maintenance. Downtimes are minimised, the reliability of the system is increased and reliable operation is ensured over the long term.

GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line - the Vertical Efficiency in Sorting

The GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line is a space-saving sorting solution that achieves maximum performance. It is used wherever reliable and cost-effective sortation of unit loads is required. Whether totes, cartons, packets, parcels, or poly- and paperbags, the system sorts unit loads weighing up to 35 kg efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. The vertical design and a variable number of destinations on both sides offer the greatest possible flexibility in the smallest possible space.

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Brochure GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® line


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