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New prospects for pallet storage

Primarily used as a first-in-first-out system, the principle consists of the intermediate storage of pallets, unit loads and load carriers up to a maximum of 1,500 kg. There are many advantages to this system: Optimum use of space because the lanes do not need to be on a gradient. In addition, the construction has a low overall height. The storage principle ensures that the first item to be stored is the first to leave the warehouse. It is constructed from GEBHARDT accumulating roller conveyors, which ensure functionally reliable continuous operation, as each roller is driven.


Compared to gravity systems, GEBHARDT-live storage offers a significantly higher level of safety for your personnel. This is because the system works without a gradient, which means that brake failure can be ruled out. Without any accumulation pressure, it ensures safe removal of the pallets even if the runners are damaged. Each storage area has a loading side and an unloading side. This keeps distances short and makes work efficient. The warehouse is also infinitely expandable - the flow channels can be 10 m or 100 m long - individually adapted to your requirements.

  • Optimum use of space because no gradient is needed
  • Simultaneous drive of several channels by one motor
  • Low roof height
  • First-in-First-out principle
  • Higher level of safety for your staff - no brake failure
  • Short distances and more efficient work
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Connection to high-performance pallet conveyor technology is possible
  • Sorting and feeding with SRM, transfer cars, pallet lifters or forklifts

GEBHARDT Pallet Conveyor Technology at Bosch Tiernahrung

Order picking and live storage at Bosch Tiernahrung in Blaufelden with pallet conveyor technology, warehouse technology, automated guided vehicles and racking.

Individual Application Possibilities with GEBHARDT Live Storage

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Live Storage

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