Load Handling Devices from GEBHARDT

In warehouse technology, the load handling devices (LHD) form the core and are responsible for the safe and precise handling of all load handling units and load carriers. Depending on the storage type, a wide variety of load handling devices are used - gripper technology, telescopic technology, telescopic with flat belt conveyor, pull-out technology, active multi-form gripper, StoreBiter® OPS shuttle, telescopic fork - GEBHARDT offers you the right solution for your storage logistics requirements and your selected storage technology solution.

The LHDs form the interface to the respective material to be conveyed. The individual goods to be conveyed have very different requirements and demand maximum performance from the load handling devices. The speed and acceleration of the basic machines are not the only decisive factors governing throughput in an automated storage system. Functional reliability and fast handover time of the load handling devices are at least as important. Robust and simple constructions are therefore a must.

  • Great reliability and short transfer times
  • High functional reliability
  • Flexibly adaptable / usable
  • Economic use of space
  • Decisive for high storage capacity
  • Fast and reliable access to your materials
  • Low-maintenance

Various Variants – We Find the Right One for You

The LHDs are the partners of SRMs, Shuttles & Co. They have to ensure fast and safe access to single or multi-deep stored goods. GEBHARDT load handling devices are able to move a vast array of warehouse goods into and out of storage. These, by way of example, include containers, cardboard boxes, trays, pallets or even engine blocks. Other important properties are the space required and flexibility.

Fields of Application for Our Load Handling Devices

With various standard LHDs, SRMs, lifting beams and shuttles can be equipped for specific tasks. The suitable LHD is selected exactly according to your requirements and, if necessary, individually adapted. This is because even special load handling devices, whether for engine blocks or special workpiece carriers, are no problem for us. From classic telescopic solutions to gripper or tray technology, to complex LHD for sorting containers, GEBHARDT offers a diverse selection.

Individual Application Possibilities from GEBHARDT Load Handling Devices


Picking warehouse


Production and buffer storage


MLS Warehouse

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