Load Handling Devices for the Storage of Pallets

GEBHARDT load handling devices (LHD) such as telescopic forks and the StoreBiter® OPS are the partners of storage and retrieval machines (SRM). Quick and reliable access, even to multi-deep shelf compartments when storing or retrieving pallets, wire crates and industrial pallets assure you an optimum process sequence. Each SRM can be equipped with various standard load handling devices for specific tasks. Variants arise from requirements such as conveyance goods and shelf depth. Decisive benefits of GEBHARDT load handling devices, in addition to their mechanical qualities, address the need for space, speed and process accuracy.

Load Handling Devices for Pallets


  • High throughput performance for the wireless shuttle
  • Optimum warehouse space and area utilisation
  • Fast shelf assembly and installation of the passively configured storage space
  • Economical investment and operating costs
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Easy to adapt to changes in requirements through modular design principle

Telescopic fork

  • Single and double deep storage
  • Very heavy weights are possible
  • Two telescopic units possible in X direction
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Low maintenance

Bespoke Application Options of LHD for Pallets


Pallet storage

KW Automotive

Pallet storage


Pallet storage

Storage Type: Pallets, Wire Mesh Boxes, and Large Load Carriers

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