GEBHARDT Shuttle Storage Systems

The requirement for an automatic warehouse is to optimise processes and, in particular, to configure them more efficiently. This provides GEBHARDT with a sound basis for the development of the shuttle vehicles. We know that throughput requirements are constantly increasing, and we guarantee flexible and scalable storage solutions. We always take an individual view of your material flow and its changing conditions and install the perfect storage system for you.

The GEBHARDT shuttle platform forms the core technology for the various different types of GEBHARDT shuttle. The basis is a cross-device control and software concept that can be modularly adapted to the different variants. The StoreBiter® shuttle storage system is characterised by optimum space and area utilisation, low maintenance and servicing requirements, fast assembly and low investment and operating costs.

  • For small and large load carriers
  • High rates of throughput
  • Optimum scalability
  • FEM-optimised lightweight design
  • High energy efficiency
  • High layout flexibility
  • Individually adaptable

Various Variants – We Find the Right One for You

Container Shuttle

The shuttle storage systems StoreBiter® MLS, OLS and the OLS X are suitable for the storage of containers, cardboard boxes and trays weighing up to 50 kg. In a variety of applications, these shuttle systems provide effective, highly dynamic access to goods to be stored and retrieved in accordance with the Goods-to-Person principle.

StoreBiter® MLS


StoreBiter® OLS


StoreBiter® OLS X


Pallet Shuttle

GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS-Shuttle and Omnipallet shuttle warehouses were developed for the storage of pallets, wire crates and containers. The OPS-Shuttle can be combined with a storage and retrieval machine or a transfer car and can store and retrieve multi-deep conveyance goods. By way of contrast, the Omnipallet dispenses with a carrier vehicle and moves autonomously in three dimensions within the warehouse structure.

StoreBiter® OPS


GEBHARDT Omnipallet®


Examples of Bespoke Application Options for the StoreBiter® Shuttle Vehicles


StoreBiter® OLS-Shuttle


StoreBiter® MLS-Shuttle

Halle 9

GEBHARDT Omnipallet


StoreBiter® OPS-Shuttlle


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Downloads for More Information

GEBHARDT Storage Technology Brochure


Whitepaper GEBHARDT Storage with Depth


Brochure GEBHARDT StoreBiter® MLS


Brochure GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS


Brochure GEBHARDT Omnipallet


Brochure GEBHARDT StoreBiter®