Great dynamism and flexibility

With the StoreBiter® OLPS shuttle, GEBHARDT provides you with a proven solution in the area of pallet conveyor and pallet storage technology. This innovation adapts the proven shuttle technology, which is already established on the market for container and carton conveyor systems to pallet conveyor technology.

Brochure GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLPS

An Overview of the Advantages

  • High flexibility and scalability
  • High performance levels possible regardless of size of warehouse
  • Cooperation with conventional conveyor technology
  • High energy efficiency and therefore designed for continuous operation
  • Single and multi-deep storage can be combined freely
  • Suitable for Industry 4.0

Product Overview of GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLPS

Storage System with Integrated Front Zone Conveyor Technology

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLPS pallet shuttle does not require a carrier vehicle like a storage and retrieval machine within the warehouse. Instead, it operates with complete autonomy. In this way, your requirements for pallet storage and pallet conveyor technology, such as high dynamics and flexibility, can be met. Significantly higher throughputs, maximum system flexibility as well as high scalability of the overall system can be achieved in your plant with the StoreBiter® OLPS.

Flexible Solution for Your Pallet Storage

The only way to assure flexibility in a warehouse is if the device within the warehouse is able to operate autonomously, and to adapt to your environment. Compared to the SRM for pallets, the shuttle is not permanently assigned to a shelving aisle and, unlike conventional pallet shuttles, is not dependent on a mother vehicle, since both these factors limit flexibility. For this reason, the OLPS can move along the rack in either direction. This enables the innovative shuttle to facilitate a variety of storage concepts, whether in cooperation with or without Pallet conveyor technology or AGV. The storage can be single to multi-deep, also in any combination.

Smart Autonomy of the Vehicle

The shuttle is able to change shelf aisle autonomously and, once the shuttle is unloaded, the device drives within an assigned pallet channel. In this way, the optimum travel path can be determined and blockages can be avoided. Free transverse aisles are also passable by loaded OLPS. Using vertical conveyors, the shuttles can change level – depending on level and aisle, several shuttles can operate without obstructing one another.

Examples of Bespoke Application Options for the StoreBiter® OLPS

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StoreBiter® OLPS

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Brochure GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLPS


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