Establishing warehouse processes in an efficient and flexible way

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X is a highly-flexible and scalable shuttle system which can be adapted to your requirements in a targeted way. It is based on a combination of established GEBHARDT shuttle and automated guided vehicle system technologies. The shuttle warehouse system can consist of two or more aisles, which are divided into multiple levels. Each level is equipped with one or more shuttles depending on the performance requirement.

An Overview of the Advantages

  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Combination of tried and tested GEBHARDT technologies
  • Aisle changes with a minimum of rail tracks
  • Scalable and expandable during ongoing operations
  • Can be adapted to all workplaces and transfer positions
  • Superlative energy efficiency due to high load capacity achieved with lightweight vehicles
  • Energy supply via double-layer capacitors

Product Overview of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X

All Strengths Combined

The various aisles are interconnected via platforms, making free and uncomplicated switching of vehicles between the aisles possible with minimal use of rails. This means that the StoreBiter® OLS X is only dependent on a track guide within the aisles, which means that maintenance-intensive, mechanical interchangeable trolleys can be dispensed with. When it moves out onto the platforms, the StoreBiter® OLS X reliably reaches the specified positions using the integrated visual navigation. Thanks to an intelligent material flow computer, the routes of different shuttles can be coordinated with each other in such a way that the maximum possible performance is available.

An Uncomplicated Type

Because the sequencing can take place directly in the warehouse, by using the StoreBiter® OLS X solution from GEBHARDT there is no need for expensive purchases for conveyor equipment loops or sequencing towers. One of the advantages of the shuttle system is the flexible adaptation to changing processes and circumstances – one or more OLS X systems can be used on each level and can be integrated into existing warehouses.

Just like an automated guided vehicle (AGV), the shuttle can leave the warehouse and drive directly to workplaces. Supply takes place without any loss of time.

Lightweight, Fast, Powerful and Adaptable

The platform provides maximum flexibility because it can be arranged in all directions to position all workplaces and transfer positions in accordance with requirements. The StoreBiter® OLS X can handle various sizes of container and cardboard box. The shuttles communicate via a WLAN connection.

The low dead weight and the high load capacity result in an extremely powerful system. The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X stands out with its high conveyance speed and excellent dynamic values. In terms of the number of containers moved, a shuttle based on the StoreBiter® OLS X is extremely energy-efficient compared to storage and retrieval machines.

Flexible and Scalable Configuration

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X solution only requires a limited initial investment, and can be configured in a flexible and scalable way. The distribution centres can be gradually expanded in order to grow together with your company and the constantly changing market situation. Additional aisles can be added to the length and width of your system during operation.

GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X | Load Handling Devices

TYP 752.10

Multiform gripper with slide plate

  • Highly flexible and scalable shuttle system
  • A combination of GEBHARDT shuttle and AGV technologies
  • Free, trackless and uncomplicated transfer of vehicles between the aisles
  • Shuttle can be positioned in a given area in different locations
  • Up to 2 x 50 kg

Advantages of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X

  • Ultimate flexibility in layout
  • Sequencing straight from the warehouse
  • Ultimate flexibility for different bespoke solutions
  • Several lifts improve the performance of the shuttle warehouse
  • Goods-to-Person principle directly to the order-picking workplaces
  • Reduced process costs through different sizes of conveyance goods
  • Optimum ratio between dead weight and payload
  • Ultimate scalability by varying the number of shuttles in the system

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