GEBHARDT Pallet Storage and Retrieval Machines

Highest throughput due to modular design

GEBHARDT pallet storage and retrieval machines are used to store large load carriers in pallet high-bay storage facilities at heights of up to 42 metres. The modular layout makes it possible to achieve a high degree of standardisation and optimum scope for customising your storage facility. Optimum process efficiency and a detailed process evaluation assure a high level of system availability.

  • Fully automatic storage and retrieval
  • Suitable for pallets, pallet cages and other large load carriers
  • For materials weighing up to 1,500 kg
  • Various load handling devices for all requirements

Storage and Retrieval Machines for High-bay Storage of Pallets

With our Cheetah® Heavy storage and retrieval machines, large load carriers can be stored efficiently and one deep or multi-deep to use space economically. Optimised approach dimensions assure very good utilisation of available space. Digital connection to our Galileo IoT® platform gives you even better oversight of your system.

Cheetah® heavy

Curve-going storage and retieval crane

Examples of Bespoke Application Options for the Pallet SRM

KW Automotive

Production and buffer storage


Highly technical and automated warehouse logistics solution


Pallet high-bay warehouse

Hall 9

High-bay pallet warehouse

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Whitepaper GEBHARDT Cheetah® heavy


Whitepaper GEBHARDT Storage with Depth


GEBHARDT Storage Technology Brochure