GEBHARDT Cheetah® heavy

Optimum utilisation of warehouse space

The rail-bound GEBHARDT Cheetah heavy® is a storage and retrieval machine for the single or multi-deep fully automatic storage and retrieval of heavy Euro or industrial pallets and of pallet cages. It is based on a modular design which makes it very flexible. It adapts perfectly to the requirements in terms of load capacity, dimensions, height of the building and storage and retrieval per hour and thus covers a wide range of applications.

Multi-deep storage using the StoreBiter® OPS pallet shuttle is also possible in channel storage systems. It is possible to reach maximum storage heights of up to 36 metres with the system.

An Overview of the Advantages

  • Mobile emergency control position
  • High throughput capacity up to 42 m device height
  • Low operating costs through precise adaptation of dynamics
  • Single-depth or multi-deep storage and retrieval of Euro or industrial pallets
  • High level of standardisation
  • Optimum utilisation of warehouse space through minimised approach dimensions

The Structure

The load handling device (LHD) equips the storage and retrieval machine (SRM) with what it needs for a task and transports different load carriers (wire crates, pallets etc.). The goods to be conveyed, the loading equipment and the shelving depth all place different demands on the load handling unit and require maximum performance.


The LHD telescopic fork covers single and two-deep storage and retrieval of pallets and wire crates. By using two telescopic forks at the same time, the SRM can transport several load carriers on each trip, further increasing throughput.

The Cheetah® Heavy – Strong and Dynamic

With the Cheetah® heavy storage and retrieval machine GEBHARDT creates your automatic high-bay warehouse for pallets, wire crates and other large load carriers. See the storage and retrieval machine for a fully digitalised warehouse in the 3D video - result: ultimate process efficiency and system availability.

Advantages of the GEBHARDT Cheetah® Heavy

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • High system availability
  • Digital connection
  • Energy saving
  • Modular mast up to 42 m
  • Various LHDs for optimum use of space
  • Optimum process efficiency and detailed process evaluation

Examples of bespoke application options for the Cheetah® heavy

KW Automotive

Cheetah® heavy


Cheetah® heavy

Hall 9

Cheetah® heavy

Bosch Tiernahrung

Cheetah® heavy


Cheetah® heavy

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