GEBHARDT Curve-Going Storage and Retrieval Crane

The Storage Solution That Can Negotiate Corners

The storage and retrieval machine (SRM) that can negotiate corners from GEBHARDT can be optimally used when pallets of up to 2,000 kg are to be stored or retrieved over several aisles in a high-bay warehouse. In accordance with its task, the storage and retrieval machine is then equipped with load handling devices (LHD).

An Overview of the Advantages

  • Automate several aisles with an SRM
  • Low initial investment
  • Cost-effective multi-shift operation
  • Easy to expand
  • Small curve radius

GEBHARDT SRM that Can Negotiate Corners

The use of a storage and retrieval machine (SRM) that can negotiate corners is ideal where automation makes sense but throughput allows one SRM to serve multiple aisles. SRMs that can negotiate corners are in competition with conventional warehouses that operate forklift trucks. The advantage of SRMs is that they incur lower costs for personnel, operation and maintenance. In addition, multi-shift operation is a cost-effective proposition.

Compared to a warehouse serviced by forklift trucks, process reliability can be improved, throughput can be increased and operator errors can be minimised. The SRM that can negotiate corners is able to service several aisles of shelving by leaving one of the aisles then driving into a different aisle via a system of rails and points. This system offers the advantages of an automatic warehouse at lower investment costs than an SRM solution with 'rigid aisles’, i.e. inflexible ranges of movement. SRMs that can negotiate corners also offer the advantage of precisely that flexibility. As throughput requirements increase, more SRMs can be added to the warehouse until one SRM is installed in each aisle. The initial investment can be kept fairly low. The small curve radius enables shelving aisles to be arranged in a space-saving manner. This makes optimum use of existing storage areas.

Advantages of the GEBHARDT SRM that Can Negotiate Corners

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Energy saving
  • High system availability
  • Modular mast up to 20 m
  • Digital connection
  • Various LHDs for optimum use of space
  • Optimum process efficiency and detailed process evaluation

Examples of Bespoke Application Options for the SRM that Can Negotiate Corners


Curve-Going Storage and Retieval Crane

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