The future of warehouse logistics

Efficient warehouse processes are crucial for companies to remain competitive and increase their productivity. In today's fast-paced business world, it is essential that warehouse processes run smoothly and no precious time is wasted. This is where GEBHARDT InstaPick® comes into play: GEBHARDT InstaPick® is a modular, scalable intralogistics system that meets the market's need for easy-to-build storage solutions and flexible order picking.

The system consists of just three main components: state-of-the-art robots, a rack up to 12 meters high and a flexible workstation. These components are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing operations while providing maximum efficiency and flexibility. 

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  • Fast commissioning
  • Easy accessibility and maintenance
  • Simple connection to conveyor technology or AGVs
  • Single and/or multiple-deep storage
  • No lifts or conveyor technology is required
  • Easily scalable
  • Low investment costs
  • Direct access to containers without relocation

Features of GEBHARDT InstaPick®

One vehicle for all warehouse tasks

An intelligent grid system above the simple line racks allows for precise x-axis and z-axis robot navigation. When the robot hovers above the rack aisle with the required container, it cleverly lowers the load-handling device and picks up the container for transportation. The system enables both single and multi-deep storage for optimum space utilisation. 

After the container has been collected, it is transferred to a robot on the grid by the load handling device, and then transported to a transfer station.  The efficient coordination of each GEBHARDT InstaPick® component streamlines the process from storage to personnel.   

  • Max. Storage height: 12 m
  • Max. Container weight: 35 kg
  • Space utilisation: >75%
  • Storage unit: up to 3-deep
  • Energy supply: Inductively charged supercaps
Optimum scalability for maximum efficiency

The GEBHARDT InstaPick® is suitable for small to medium-sized storage areas and is built with longevity in mind. Like many GEBHARDT solutions, this storage system has a modular design so it can be easily scaled if business requirements change. The flexibility of the GEBHARDT InstaPick® makes it possible to adapt to market changes without incurring significant modification costs. 

By eliminating complex vertical conveyors and conveyor technology and offering the option of multiple-deep storage, InstaPick® enables optimum use of available space and minimises warehouse floor usage. 

Thanks to direct access to the containers without the need for relocation (with single-deep storage), orders can be processed quickly and efficiently. 

Seamless integration of mobile robotics

The ergonomic workstations can be connected using GEBHARDT conveyor technology or GEBHARDT KARIS® mobile robots. The GEBHARDT KARIS® can transfer the containers to fixed transfer points, located in the outermost row of racks. The system’s robots, which operate adjacent to the storage area, can then transport containers. The movement of the robots can be controlled by storage software, GEBHARDT StoreWare.The innovative software from GEBHARDT can interact with other subsystems within the intralogistics system. The GEBHARDT KARIS® system also enables the implementation of workstation concepts outside of the warehouse, allowing maximum flexibility in terms of placement within the space. Implementing highly ergonomic workstation concepts is made possible by interlinking remote areas using GEBHARDT KARIS®, allowing employees to work in convenient areas, independent to the warehouse. Through integration with the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT software, GEBHARDT InstaPick® supports functions such as predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. These features can help ensure the longevity of systems by monitoring daily component usage and predicting deterioration over time. Using this information, managers can schedule maintenance ahead of time to prevent possible delays. 

For more sustainability and environmental awareness

In response to growing environmental awareness and rising energy costs, GEBHARDT InstaPick® was developed with sustainability in mind. GEBHARDT InstaPick® uses standard containers that do not have to withstand stacking loads in the warehouse, such as containers in block storage solutions. This saves on plastic in the interests of sustainability. GEBHARDT's sustainability efforts also focus on reducing the mass moved and lowering CO2 emissions. With a weight of just 150 kg, the InstaPick® system robot helps to minimise the ecological footprint. In comparison, a conventional automatic storage and retrieval machine moves between 1.5 and 2 tonnes, which means a significantly higher consumption of resources. CO2 emissions are also reduced by removing the need for stationary conveyor technology. This elimination reduces the use of steel, aluminium, copper, and other materials used in conventional ways. 

Maximum efficiency in warehousing

Seamless integration

GEBHARDT InstaPick® is a pioneering solution for the intralogistics industry that helps companies optimise their warehousing and picking processes. Using the latest robot technology, ergonomically designed workstations, and an intelligent software solution minimises errors and significantly reduces processing times. GEBHARDT InstaPick® offers a wide range of benefits, making it an attractive solution for companies. Discover GEBHARDT InstaPick® and revolutionise your intralogistics processes for a successful future. 

Easy commissioning and maintenance

Thanks to its high-quality standard components and simple design, GEBHARDT InstaPick® is quick to install and maintain, minimising downtime and ensuring reliable and efficient operation. Thanks to established climbing aids, the system ensures easy accessibility without complex staircases and enables fast maintenance and troubleshooting. Compared to other automatic storage and retrieval solutions, InstaPick® also offers effective fire protection in accordance with existing guidelines.  

Fast access and high throughput

Compared to established miniload solutions, GEBHARDT InstaPick® offers fast and direct access to the required containers, resulting in high throughput and fast order processing. Companies can react flexibly to customer requirements and shorten delivery times to remain competitive. 

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