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The dynamics of supply chains and sales markets have increased significantly in recent years and flexibly scalable solutions are therefore in demand. The GEBHARDT Upstream is characterised by its compact modular design. The flexibly scalable system can be adapted to a wide range of customer requirements in the best possible way and is easily expandable. Established GEBHARDT storage technology, without lifters and conventional conveyor technology, is used here. The GEBHARDT OLS X shuttle storage system with horizontal roaming and a grid stored above form the basis of the system. GEBHARDT Upstream combines three components in one system: The shuttle GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X, the bot GEBHARDT StoreDiver and the workstation GEBHARDT SimplePick Flexible.

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  • Modular design - expandable at any time
  • Short commissioning time of only 6 months
  • Flexible scaling of the number of shuttles and robots
  • Direct access to individual totes without relocations
  • Sequence-accurate delivery to the workstations
  • Container weights of up to 50 kg
  • Storage height of up to 18 m
  • Greatest possible ease of maintenance for maintenance personnel
  • No container waiting time at the workstation
  • No complex continuous conveying technology and no need for lifters
  • Higher throughputs are possible by adding additional shuttles, robots or workstations

GEBHARDT Upstream Components

GEBHARDT Storebiter® OLS X

GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS X shuttles take care of storage and retrieval within the warehouse and transfer the containers to the GEBHARDT StoreDiver robots via transfer stations between the rack rows. A wide variety of length, width and height ratios can be implemented to adapt to the customer's space conditions. Euro-standard containers of different heights can be stored in each storage level. The simple and reliable design increases the system availability compared to systems with vertical transport of the shuttles. Due to its standardised design, the compact system requires no complex pre-zone conveyor technology.


The individuality of customer orders is becoming increasingly important, especially in customer marketing. This also depends on the arrangement of goods in the packages. Through AI-optimized route planning and delivery of the source containers by the robots, the GEBHARDT StoreDiver enables sequencing and can particularly address the requirements of very small order quantities. The GEBHARDT StoreDiver moves freely on the grid level and takes over the containers from the transfer stations within the rack of the automated miniload warehouse. The transfer system creates highly efficient access zones and provides in-sequence delivery to workstations through direct access to containers. Workstations and I/O conveyor systems are possible on three sides of the warehouse. The grid on top of the warehouse allows containers to be loaded and unloaded on each side of the warehouse.

GEBHARDT SimplePick Flexible and Software

The GEBHARDT SimplePick Flexible workstation allows processing of multiple target containers and simultaneous orders. The workstation design of the GEBHARDT SimplePick Flexible is developed according to ergonomic principles. Short container change times enable dynamic processing of orders. With the logistics software GEBHARDT StoreWare you can optimally manage your warehouse. Each GEBHARDT StoreWare module is available individually and can be combined with the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® and Galileo Insight platforms. The UI design of GEBHARDT StoreWare also ensures pleasant working. In addition, the use of the GEBHARDT SimplePick Flexible enables delivery of the target containers or cartons using conveyor technology. Automated guided vehicles (AGV) can achieve a highly flexible container supply.  GEBHARDT StoreWare has interfaces to ERP and WMS systems. Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, optimal route finding and throughput increase can be achieved.

Revolutionising Warehousing

Focus on efficient optimisation solutions

The cost of logistics real estate is rising. Especially near cities, systems are needed that enable optimised space consumption with ideal height use. Optimal utilization of existing building volumes can be achieved by eliminating many travel paths of shuttles or robots. GEBHARDT Upstream can measure up to 100 m in length and 18 m in height. Thus, storage areas can be used efficiently.

Ease of Maintenance

The basis of GEBHARDT Upstream is the proven shuttle maintenance concepts. Robots are moved to the access platform with scissor lifts or simple crane installations. Entry of the superimposed grid by maintenance personnel is thus not necessary. The GEBHARDT upstream storage concept does not use vertical conveyors on the storage system. Previous market solutions required a complete shutdown of the entire plant. With GEBHARDT Upstream, continued operation of the unaffected areas is possible. During the development of the access concepts, emphasis was placed on the greatest possible ease of maintenance for the maintenance personnel. In the event of malfunctions and failure of robots or shuttles, the established fault handling procedures of the individual systems can be used.

Prepared for Emergencies

GEBHARDT Upstream uses existing fire protection concepts based on the fire protection requirements for automatic miniload warehouses. Due to the great accessibility, proven sprinkler technologies can be used. As a result, the warehouse is quickly extinguished in the event of a fire and cost-intensive CO2 systems are no longer necessary as standard. Ultracaps with a 48 V power supply also ensure the highest possible system safety.

Conscious Design of Intralogistics

Sustainability is also an omnipresent topic in intralogistics. By dispensing with classic conveyor technology and vertical conveyors, only the containers that are actually needed are moved. GEBHARDT Upstream does not use energy-intensive 400 V technology and avoids high standby consumption of stationary systems. The OLS X shuttles and robots are equipped with long-life ultracap technology, allowing 24/7 operation. There is no need for lithium or lead batteries at all.


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