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Our current distribution, logistics, and intralogistics processes are still dependent on employees who remove appropriate goods from load carriers and prepare them for existing orders. The range of demands on your employees will continue to increase due to the increasing pace in all industries, which is why individuals in an efficient automated goods-to-person system have to provide high picking performance. At the same time, picking errors must be eliminated because your (internal) customer will not accept an incorrect combination of goods for his order. These high demands on the physical and informational level, combined with unfavorable workplace design, will increase your employees' absenteeism. As a result, the personnel situation in your company becomes problematic, not to mention the low labor supply on the market.

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Classic workstations

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GEBHARDT Realizes New Logistics Center at 11teamsports

GEBHARDT designed and realized, together with 11teamsports, a customized intralogistics system consisting of a forklift-operated high-bay warehouse for pallets and a shuttle warehouse for containers, and various other storage, picking, and workstation equipment. The GEBHARDT StoreWare handles the entire warehouse management and controls all material flows. The complete intralogistics system is digitalized in a cloud using the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT platform and GEBHARDT Galileo Insight. With the help of emulation, the entire production plant could also be put into operation in advance.

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