GEBHARDT Workstations

The classic GEBHARDT workstations help you and your employees meet the high physical and informational demands. Downtimes in your distribution, logistics, and intralogistics processes are minimized and picking performance increases.

Advantages of GEBHARDT Workstations

GEBHARDT workstations support you in mastering your daily challenges in the various work areas.

  • Alignment to the respective process purpose
  • An ideal balance of ergonomics and performance
  • Adaptation to individual needs
  • Modular system
  • Scalability

The Correct Workstation Every Step of the Way

Goods Receiving Workstations

Goods receiving workstations present you with a variety of challenges:

  • Goods must be inspected and received as quickly as possible
  • Not enough space in the goods receiving area
  • Delivered goods cannot be fed quickly enough to the production or distribution processes
  • Path and search times must be drastically reduced
  • Short transport times should help employees
  • Ensure extensive cleanliness and order of the goods receiving area

GEBHARDT goods receiving workstations meet your process requirements through an efficient space utilization concept. New goods can be appropriately fed at the workstations. Incoming goods inspection and receiving are carried out directly at the conveyor system, which means that empty containers are always available, and goods to be stored can be directly loaded. Completely automated processes are also possible with the inclusion of the corresponding IT processes at the workstations. Thus, using GEBHARDT workstations in goods receiving can save process costs and efficiently manage your employees.

Picking Workstations

Your order picking is as unique as your company and your products. There are several reasons why you might want to revamp your order picking:

  • Your picking no longer meets performance and quality requirements, and you want to provide faster service to your customers.
  • You have many secondary picking activities, and you want to delight your customers with a high-quality, value-added service.
  • Your range of articles allows you to carry out many of the same orders repeatedly, but your current system restricts you too much in doing so

The GEBHARDT "classic" workstation solution can be individually designed to meet your company's expectations and provide the best possible support for your daily operations.

Pick&Pack Workstations

Do you feel long throughput times in distribution centers or central warehouses hinder your outcomes? Have you been thinking about restructuring your processes to reduce the time necessary from order receipt to dispatch?

With our GEBHARDT Pick&Pack solutions, you're small to medium order quantities and fewer picking performance requirements are met while avoiding mere order picking. In this process, the irregular incoming orders provide time to immediately pack the orders to be filled. You save double handling, even with heavier goods, and relieve your employees.

With our established software solutions, your orders are ideally summarized to minimize the effort required to create shipping documents. Here, all necessary materials, consumer goods, and equipment are arranged in the ergonomically ideal gripping area to support your employees and achieve top performance in packing your goods.

Packing Workstations

Our GEBHARDT packing solutions focus individually on your products. Whether you rely on various filling or cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, paper void fillers, foam bags, or packing peanuts, your new GEBHARDT packing workstation allows you to produce the packaging you need for safe transport to your customers. At the same time, the workstations are designed according to ergonomic design principles to reduce the strain on your employees. Through the optimized arrangement of your packing and filling/cushioning materials, you reduce search-and-travel times so that your packing workstations become more efficient. The order and clarity of the entire packing area are also sustainably improved. With the appropriate IT technology directly at the workstation, shipping documents and labels can be processed efficiently so that your packages can be transferred to dispatch with proper identification. This ensures that your customer receives your goods well packaged.

GEBHARDT Realizes New Logistics Center
at 11teamsports

GEBHARDT designed and realized, together with 11teamsports, a customized intralogistics system consisting of a forklift-operated high-bay warehouse for pallets and a shuttle warehouse for containers, and various other storage, picking, and workstation equipment. The GEBHARDT StoreWare handles the entire warehouse management and controls all material flows. The complete intralogistics system is digitalized in a cloud using the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT platform and GEBHARDT Galileo Insight. With the help of emulation, the entire production plant could also be put into operation in advance.

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