Integrated Workstations

GEBHARDT SimplePick workstations support you in mastering your daily demands in the various work areas. Here, GEBHARDT SimplePick workstations are always aligned to the respective process purpose - whether goods receipt, picking, Pick & Pack, or shipping. GEBHARDT offers the appropriate solution for your process to enable the high demands on performance, picking accuracy, and ergonomics.

Advantages of Integrated workstations

  • Ideal use for different physiques
  • Continuous optimisation of picking areas and picking times
  • Balance of ergonomics and performance
  • Adaptation according to your individual needs
  • Modular principle

The Proper Workstation for Your Requirements

SimplePick Flexible

The SimplePick Flexible workstation supports you with total flexibility even with the highest variance in your order or article range. The arrangement can also be either frontal or lateral to the storage system. The picking options are also flexible: picking can be performed according to the 1:1, 1:n, or n:m principle on two (picking) levels. The working height can also be adjusted.

Access from multiple containers eliminates much of the container changeover time and, in addition to high flexibility, you get a high-performance workstation.

Your employees are given the best possible support in their tasks thanks to the shortest possible distances, an ergonomic design, and integrated systems such as Pick-by-Light. The innovative design makes them feel comfortable and valued at work.

SimplePick Duo

The SimplePick Duo workstation can be flexibly arranged to the storage system, both frontally and laterally. The working height can also be flexibly adjusted. Picking takes place according to the 1:1 principle on a (picking) level. If a sequence generation is required, this can optionally be carried out via a sequencer.

This single-level workstation combines high performance with cost-efficient use of space. Your additional processes can be ideally mapped using the adjusted space available. Despite the classic structure, your employees work in an environment tailored to the design, increasing appreciation and boosting motivation in their processes.

Furthermore, using the same technology as the rest of your facility helps keep maintenance and servicing simple and standardised.

SimplePick Pick&Pack

For small to medium order quantities with fewer picking performance requirements and irregular incoming orders, SimplePick Pick&Pack allows orders to be packed immediately, consequently avoiding double handling. At the same time, your employees are supported by ergonomic arrangement options for the packaging material. In the Pick&Pack area, you benefit from a modular concept so that packaging processes with different packaging materials such as polybags can be implemented without any problems.

To offer you a cost-efficient Pick&Pack workstation, only familiar conveyor technology elements from the GEBHARDT product portfolio already installed in your intralogistics system are used, simplifying maintenance and servicing.

SimplePick Light

The minimalistic design of the SimplePick Light provides you with a cost-effective, functional workstation. The SimplePick Light workstation adapts to your flexible system and can also be used in other locations with just a few adjustments, both frontally and laterally to the storage system. Picking is done according to the 1:1 principle on a (gripping) level. The working height can also be flexibly adjusted to support your employees.

Despite the functional design, all ergonomic elements are included to enable your employees to work comfortably.

In addition to picking, GEBHARDT SimplePick Light can also support you in quality management or visual inspection.

SimplePick Speed

GEBHARDT SimplePick Speed is the ideal workstation for high pick numbers and speeds. Thanks to SimplePick Speed, you can ensure that your employees work at an ergonomic workstation that supports the high load in the best possible way. Intuitive operation with, for example, the Pick by Light system ensures the highest possible picking quality. The fast speed of the workstation ideally complements your high-performance system.

SimplePick Multi

The SimplePick Multi workstation ensures a cost-efficient yet high-performance workstation through a lower degree of automation for the simultaneous processing of several orders (multi-order picking) with short container changeover times. Thanks to the generous amount of space, other processes can be ideally supported, and your employees are less burdened in their work.

Picking is based on the 1:n principle, and the workstation can be flexibly adapted both in terms of its arrangement to the storage system and the working height.

Thanks to our intuitive operating system, including, for example, the pick-by-light system, your employees will not lose the overview even during multi-order picking, and your high requirements for picking accuracy can be ideally implemented.

SimplePick MultiSpeed

The SimplePick MultiSpeed workstation helps you achieve the highest performance levels while processing multiple parallel orders, and its innovative design ensures a pleasant working environment. Since you need the highest order and article structure flexibility, the workstation supports you with parallel orders and manages very short container changeover times without any problems.

The workstation arrangement is frontal to the storage system, picking occurs according to the 1:n or n:m principle on two (picking) levels. Flexible adjustment of the working height is also possible here.

Especially in a seasonal business with sudden load peaks in your system, this SimplePick concept allows you to set an additional employee at the same workstation to get through the peak season without any problems.

GEBHARDT Shuttle Warehouse at UNI ELEKTRO

For more effective order processing, UNI ELEKTRO expanded the site in Eschborn with an automated small parts warehouse. The shuttle warehouse can store 68,000 containers and is connected to the most modern conveyor technology. Picking is done in the logistics center using GEBHARDT SimplePick high-performance workstations.

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