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Optimum Solution for your Competitive Benefit: GEBHARDT StoreWare

We provide you with intelligent IT solutions for the complex operations in your intralogistics system. We know that the intralogistical challenges in your warehouse are evolving dynamically and that you need a partner for these countless processes - whether in manual, semi-automated or fully automated warehouses - who can bundle these competences within an individual solution.

GEBHARDT successfully employs advanced technologies that you can leverage to achieve your strategic business objectives more easily. Success through management and control of material and information flow as well as the operational process ensures significant competitive advantages.

With GEBHARDT StoreWare, we provide you with the ideal equipment to optimise both the inventory and the flow of materials to assure delivery readiness at all times. Our logistics advisers will help you decide which systems you should employ for specific requirements, and how best to use them. We will always help you to devise appropriate solutions in a flexible and customer-specific manner.

Why do you need a Warehouse Management System?

  • To assist with warehousing operations and procedures
  • Interface with the business systems of the company
  • Movements & storage are controlled and processed within a single operation
  • Greater efficiency and information in real-time
  • Bundling of all the different information about the various systems
  • Basis for collaboration within the logistics chain

Advantages of GEBHARDT logistics software

  • Reduced operating costs: Intelligent management and control software leads to increased staff productivity, simplified decision-making and consequently to cost reductions.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With GEBHARDT StoreWare, you can increase throughput, reduce cycle times and address priority jobs with pull-based OnDemand and hybrid strategies.
  • Technology investments: GEBHARDT StoreWare is based on proven storage systems and can be integrated easily into future technological developments.
  • Reduced returns: improved accuracy of your returns count - you can adapt to changing conditions with minimal effort.
  • Interface: Our GEBHARDT StoreWare has interfaces to ERP and WMS systems and can be integrated into your SAP environment.
  • Achieving objectives: With us, you achieve your objectives - ship on time, today and every day - GEBHARDT StoreWare gets you to your destination.


GEBHARDT StoreWare is a genuine all-rounder. The software solution integrates the GEBHARDT systems for warehouse control system (WCS), warehouse management (WMS) and visualisation, all on a single platform. Because of this, our customers benefit from a multitude of data, all centrally available in one location. This makes StoreWare user-friendly and intuitive to use. Every module of GEBHARDT StoreWare is available separately and can be integrated into the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® platform and into Galileo Insight.

Gebhardt StoreWare is perfectly matched with our products and gets the very best out of them - whether with our KARIS® automated handling system, our new SRM Cheetah® neo, the GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop or another product from our comprehensive portfolio of products.

GEBHARDT StoreWare-Systems

GEBHARDT StoreWare Warehouse Control System (WCS)

The GEBHARDT StoreWare warehouse control system (WCS) controls and monitors the smooth flow of fully automated logistics systems and guarantees you an efficient material flow.

GEBHARDT StoreWare Warehouse Management System (WMS)

GEBHARDTStoreWare Warehouse Management System (WMS) places the focus on your flow of materials. From individual order picking to overall tracking of goods: we inject movement into your automated warehouse management operations.

GEBHARDT StoreWare SCADA Visualisation System

GEBHARDT visualisation is the graphic interface between the operator and your system. It makes all your processes clear and current operating procedures visible. Differences between actual and target statuses, as well as faults are recorded in real-time.

GEBHARDT Creates a Fully Automated
Shuttle Solution at 11Teamsports

To help prepare omnichannel dealer 11teamsports for the future, we helped with the expansion of logistics capacities at its head office location in Satteldorf. The football outfitter and sporting goods retailer is now equipped to meet growing challenges through the installation of this high-performance shuttle warehouse.

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