GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control

Efficient control for modern intralogistics

GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control is the central element of a modern intralogistics system. With its advanced technology, flexibility, and user-friendliness, Fusion Flow Control significantly contributes to increasing efficiency, optimising costs and streamlining internal logistics.   

The software was specially developed to efficiently manage the complexity and dynamics of modern warehouse and logistics processes.

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  • Web and cloud capability
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Remote access
  • Intelligent route planning, taking into account the order and traffic situation
  • User-friendly operating and operator concept
  • Minimal training times for operators
  • Controls both storage and transport systems
  • Multi-platform capability
  • Technology-open architecture enables the integration of a wide range of intralogistics systems

GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control Features

Functions for maximum efficiency and productivity

The software offers optimised order and loading management and intelligent route planning on the ground and in the racks. It reduces fleet energy consumption and order throughput times, resulting in cost savings through energy efficiency and reduced wear and tear. Fusion Flow Control considers current order and traffic situations to maximise the overall system's efficiency and productivity. The integration of standard interfaces enables the control of competitor products and ensures compatibility with various storage systems, such as GEBHARDT Omnipallet or GEBHARDT InstaPick®. 

Focus on user-friendliness

GEBHARDT Fusion Flow’s interactive operating concept centres on user-friendliness and operating safety. This minimises training efforts, enables fast onboarding of new operators, and reduces operating errors.  

The web- and cloud-enabled architecture enables flexible, location-independent administration and guarantees effortless integration into existing systems. Fusion not only runs on well-known cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS but also offers the flexibility of local installation in your data centre. The modern user interface simplifies the operation of complex warehouse systems and revolutionises intralogistics systems. The open interface also enables seamless integration of third-party systems and data retrieval. Meaningful dashboards and notifications provide a quick overview of the system. 

Wide range of analysis options

GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control offers comprehensive analysis options for optimising the overall system. Fusion Flow Control makes managing multiple AGV/AMR and warehouse robot fleets easy. The interactive live view provides a comprehensive real-time overview of all fleet movements. This visual representation facilitates monitoring and enables precise control and optimisation of your intralogistics processes.  

GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control is an innovative solution for improving efficiency, optimising costs, and streamlining internal processes.

Central contact and support

As a complete solution, GEBHARDT Fusion Flow Control offers a central point of contact for support and a hotline. This shortens response times in the event of support and ensures efficient problem-solving while the operator is supported during maintenance by logbook functions and reminders. In the event of faults, it is possible to react quickly and efficiently without working with different software packages.

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