GEBHARDT Visualisation System

Visible Safety

In order for processes to be controlled and adapted to an optimum, you also must be able to see them. This is exactly what we focus on with our GEBHARDT StoreWare visualisation system: GEBHARDT visualisation is the graphic interface between the operator and your system. It makes all your processes clear and current operating procedures visible. Differences between actual and target statuses, as well as faults are recorded in real-time.

The powerful GEBHARDT visualisation system was developed especially for the needs of intralogistics. This enables error statistics to be shown, bottlenecks to be identified in good time and the shutdown of your system to be prevented. An important building block for the success of your business.

Advantages and Benefits
  • Integration of project-specific requirements
  • Detailed analysis function
  • Dashboard overview
  • Modern and user-friendly dialogues

Excerpt of Function Overview for Visualisation

  • Localisation of faults
  • Congestion indicator
  • Motor malfunction
  • Existing fault
  • Scanner and error statistics and history
  • Scanner input
  • Overview on the dashboard

Industry 4.0 in Intralogistics with GEBHARDT Galileo IoT®

GEBHARDT facilitates an entry into Intralogistics 4.0 - with the GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® platform. Take a look into the future, improve the availability of your system and reduce your operating costs. Digitalisation for your warehousing operations!

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