GEBHARDT Warehouse Control System

Reliability in the Warehouse

Efficient material flow – that is what our system can deliver: It controls and monitors the smoothest possible process in fully automated conveyor systems. Flows instead of choke points and reliability instead of malfunctions.

Optimising your facility with StoreWare WCS not only provides you with short and efficient routes for storing and retrieving materials, but also the flexibility to react to changes in plant situations - we have your requirements in mind with our warehouse control system solutions.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Can be connected to any lower-level control system or WCS
  • Increase in employee productivity

The GEBHARDT StoreWare warehouse control system (WCS) controls and monitors the smooth flow of fully automated logistics systems and guarantees you an efficient material flow. The GEBHARDT StoreWare WCS collects data from all intralogistics plant components as well as ERP and warehouse management software in real-time. In this way, it directly manages the handling tasks of the respective host system and assigns them to the responsible components of the system - from storage and retrieval machine and shuttle systems to roller conveyors and mobile robots. WCS can therefore provide user interfaces for management, diagnosis, monitoring and control.

Excerpt of Function Overview of the WCS:

  • Management of transport orders
  • Management of empty load units
  • Load control of conveyor equipment
  • Blocking and unblocking workplaces and aisles
  • Tracking of load units
  • Storage device status and troubleshooting
  • Space-clearing dialogue with handling unit overview
  • Communication with shuttles, SRM, AGVs, etc.
  • Contour and weight check
  • Statistics relating to transport orders
  • Transport management of load units
  • Energy saving storage devices
  • Forklift truck monitoring system
  • Telegram traffic for lower-level control units

GEBHARDT Creates a Fully Automated
Shuttle Solution at 11Teamsports

To help prepare omnichannel dealer 11teamsports for the future, we helped with the expansion of logistics capacities at its head office location in Satteldorf. The football outfitter and sporting goods retailer is now equipped to meet growing challenges through the installation of this high-performance shuttle warehouse.

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