Greater Efficiency through Smooth
Internal Transport

Our automatic conveyor systems will make the networking of your company's warehouse and order-picking areas, as well as manufacturing and production, more efficient than ever. Transport is a fundamental task in an intralogistics system and in every company. We supply you with the ideal conveyor systems for your operation - from incoming goods to the warehouse, through to production and final assembly, right up to dispatch.

Holistic Solutions for Material Flow

GEBHARDT offers the perfect solution to your specific challenge with its wide range of products. The correct system to use not only depends on which products need to be transported and in which function, but also on the type of the respective warehouse. In order to select the right storage type, it is crucial to consider, among other things, your required throughput and the extent to which your future solution should be designed in terms of variability and flexibility for future modifications.

We work with you to design an automated handling system that meets your specific requirements and business demands. Whether you require an automated guided vehicle, conveyor technology or sorting systems - our range of services covers both the hardware and the software required for your solution.

Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor system solutions are based on decades of expertise, which can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. Robust mechanics coupled with the state-of-the-art control technology ensure that even complex transport tasks are performed safely and reliably - 24/7, 365 days a year. The conveyor technology also serves as an interface between the different functional areas in the warehouse. It seamlessly integrates warehouse or sorting technology, automated guided vehicles or manually operated areas of your business.

Sorting Technology

If the internal transport task is subject to high throughput requirements and a large number of transport destinations, our sorting technology is just the right solution for you. Our GEBHARDT Speedsorter® loop, for example, can transport and sort up to 16,000 conveyance goods per hour according to the cross belt principle. It is used, for example, in highly dynamic warehouse systems as a pre-zone or handles the sorting and distribution of recently packed packages right before they are handed over to the shipping service provider.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Our automated guided vehicles are renowned for their high degree of autonomy and decentralisation. They connect overhead sources and sinks in the most diverse areas of your company. Interlinking can be carried out between manual workstations, between machines or in combination. Our vehicles offer a wide range of advantages when combined with our automatic warehouse systems. Pre-engineered interfaces ensure speedy commissioning and robust operation.

Software and Control

No matter whether you are using small or large load carriers, the material flows are controlled by the matching software. GEBHARDT StoreWare includes modules that accomplish this task very smoothly and with great efficiency. The GEBHARDT StoreWare warehouse control system not only controls warehouse systems, but also AGVs and conveyor technology networks. Our software is seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment and ensures high-speed transports even at high throughput rates.

GEBHARDT Automates Internal Processes at JAKO

JAKO is a well-known German manufacturer of team sportswear and has been using the products of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH from Sinsheim for a number of years. Approximately 30,000 items in different colours and sizes are stored at the Mulfingen site. New projects and innovations have been implemented together since 1997. At JAKO, this allowed the automation of internal processes from incoming goods to outgoing goods with 1,000 m of conveyor technology and other GEBHARDT technologies.

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