Intelligent Order Consolidation

The right intralogistics solution makes it possible to consolidate goods that are destined for one order but have been picked in different warehouse areas. This ensures faster shipping. The most important component here includes consolidation warehouses or shipping buffers. Intelligent order consolidation allows you to decouple processes and expedite throughput times and orders. GEBHARDT's order consolidation solutions are distinguished by optimum space and area utilisation, as well as low investment and operating costs.

The perfect warehouse solution for your rack warehouse

Holistic Solutions for Order Consolidation of Containers and Cartons

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OLS or MLS Shuttle offers effective access to goods to be stored and retrieved according to the "goods-to-person" principle. Compared to classic miniload solutions, the shuttle system offers a considerably increased storage and retrieval performance, which is necessary for the sequence-controlled consolidation of orders. Each StoreBiter® shuttle can access several storage levels depending on the throughput requirements. GEBHARDT StoreBiter® Shuttle storage systems offer a cost-effective solution for individual storage. Lifting beam warehouses are also suitable for consolidation warehouses with lower capacity requirements or buffer warehouses in production. The GEBHARDT sequencer is used to sort containers in front of order picking workstations and allows the containers to be supplied in the correct order. Sequencers provide a lower buffer capacity than lifting beam warehouses.

Consolidation of Pallets and Other Large Load Carriers

In the pallet area, pallet live storage or buffer conveyors based on the accumulating conveyor principle are ideal for order consolidation. The dispatch-ready staging of orders accelerates order processes and shortens the throughput time. Another option for order consolidation for pallets is pallet stacker cranes. They deliver pallets as needed directly to the respective order picking station and, in the case of curved solutions, are able to serve multiple racking aisles.

Highly Automated Logistics Systems Ensure High Productivity and Short Throughput Times

Avnet Logistics is the world's largest distributor of semiconductors, connectors, electromechanical interconnects and electronic system components from all leading manufacturers. Avnet Logistics operates exclusively for its own affiliated companies spanning 27500 sqm. In order to ensure the daily supply of these companies, the internal material flow was automated with the GEBHARDT Container and Carton Conveyor System 300, the GEBHARDT shuttle warehouse StoreBiter® MLS and the GEBHARDT Lifting Beam Device.

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