Functional Solutions for Sorting Your Goods

Internal logistics without automated conveying, storage and sorting systems is no longer imaginable today. A large number of places are replacing the labour and cost-intensive manual sorting process with automated sorting solutions. Our solutions are ideal for companies in the e-commerce sector as well as in logistics centres, for example in the 3PL industry. Due to the booming online trade, both the worldwide packet volume and the purchasing behaviour as well as the customers' expectations (e.g. same-day delivery) have considerably increased over the past years.

Sorting technologies are essential for sorting all your goods with a variety of designs and according to specific criteria. This means that goods that were not previously sorted can be sorted manually or using an automated system according to certain criteria that you have defined in advance.

Automate time-consuming and labour-intensive processes in your logistics system to minimise throughput times and ensure that your goods are shipped on time.

Products & Solutions for Sorting

Manual, Conveyor-Assisted Sorting

Entry-level sorting systems still involve manual sorting, but are supported by conveyor technology and static destinations, such as racks or trolleys. This can already substantially increase the efficiency of the sorting process compared to a strictly manual solution. It also enhances the ergonomics. The error rate of manual sorting processes can be significantly reduced by integrating our GEBHARDT StoreWare software solution.

Innovative Sorting on the Grid

The GridSorter® is a decentralised system comprising individual conveyor modules. It is technologically based on the award-winning FlexConveyor. This enables a high sorting rate in a small area with greater layout flexibility. The decentralised control approach enables system expansions on short notice based on the plug&play principle.

Fully Automatic Sorting for Small to Medium Throughputs

There are various solutions available for medium sorting volumes. The SwitchSorter® is the entry-level and quick-to-deploy solution that is ideal for cartons and containers. The advanced version can also be used to sort envelopes. The F-RED sorter offers next level sorting performance and a wide range of configuration solutions. The multi-strand belt sorter is suitable for a wide variety of conveyance goods. The GEBHARDT ArmSorter is also suitable for sorting at medium throughputs. The sorter is easily expandable and enables quick commissioning, maintenance and flexible adaptation to individual requirements and space conditions.

Fully Automatic Sorting for High Throughputs

The SpeedSorter® meets the highest requirements for throughput and sorting accuracy in the loop and line variants. The cross belt sorter principle also ensures smooth transport. Developed in line with the principle of "mechanical meets digital", the sorter offers comprehensive additional digital functions that boost availability and provide deep insights into operations.

Examples of Sorting Solutions

Manual Sorting with Conveyor Technology

Manual solutions with conveyor support are used to sort containers or cartons packed and ready for dispatch to various destinations. Sorting is carried out manually into a rack, onto pallets/roller trolleys or into containers that are delivered automatically. This sorting solution can be used in production or shipping, for example. The destinations may include different shipping service providers or production areas. The solution is very flexible, but requires that the employee can identify and assign the destinations on the conveyance goods. Appropriate labelling on the conveyance goods and at the destination are essential. The process can be supported by software and handheld devices.

Automatic Sorting for Medium Throughputs

Different technologies can be used when sorting conveyed goods at medium throughputs to different destinations. The sorting process is carried out automatically. The destination lines offer a certain number of buffer spaces in order to absorb asynchronous processes during the removal of the sorted conveyance goods. This sorting solution can be used in production or shipping, for example. The destinations may include different shipping service providers or production areas. The solution is flexible, but requires the conveyance goods to have a label with a unique ID. The destination can either be coded into the label or the destination can be determined by communicating with a higher-level software system (e.g. ERP, WMS and LVS).

Automatic Sorting for High Throughputs

High sorting throughputs require advanced sorting systems. The sorter must be able to identify the conveyance goods so that the appropriate destination can be found. This can be achieved with barcodes, for example. A camera system reads the codes and communicates with higher-level software modules to eject the conveyance goods at the right place. Once the goods have arrived at the correct destination, they can be removed manually from the end point or loaded onto a lorry or a loading bridge using a telescopic belt conveyor.

GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop at flaconi

In autumn 2020, GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group received an order to implement packet conveying and sorting at the online beauty pure player flaconi. The highlight of the new logistics centre is the connection of the new GEBHARDT SpeedSorter® loop to the warehouse control system, including the PLC control. In just nine months, the fast-growing retailer can now flexibly and quickly respond to customer-related orders on an area covering 28,000m2 at the Halle location.

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