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Logistics systems in the healthcare sector must work extremely precisely and comprehensibly - also to comply with statutory requirements. This applies to pharmaceutical products as well as to medical devices and products. These systems also meet the highest demands for availability and performance. The spectrum of order picking often ranges from individual items to larger quantities, for example on pallets. Appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure high and traceable order picking accuracy. Appropriate packaging of the goods in transit, including the necessary labelling, is also crucial. Customers also challenge these companies with their wish to send their orders later and later and still to be delivered on time without having to keep a large warehouse or high stocks themselves. Automation is the key here, especially in pure e-commerce applications.

Warehousing and Order Picking Systems for Pharmaceuticals

In the healthcare sector, there is a clear trend towards a sharp rise in the number of products and different packaging sizes. This compels manufacturers to expand their warehouses and gear them to increasing throughputs. A wide variety of requirements must be taken into account, such as the storage of hazardous goods or seasonal peaks in orders. Supply chain traceability must also be considered in the automation of warehousing and picking systems.

GEBHARDT Centralises the Existing Logistics Areas at Dr. Willmar Schwabe

The Dr. Willmar Schwabe company is considered a world leader in the research, development and production of herbal medicines. To continue to be dynamically and flexibly equipped for the future, GEBHARDT was commissioned as the general contractor for the logistics, materials handling technology and IT infrastructure. The aim was to centralise the existing logistics areas with new solutions from warehouse technology. A new finished goods warehouse has been created.

Maximum Transparency Through Real-time Monitoring of Logistical Processes

This process transparency is created by using the latest software technologies in conjunction with automation of their intralogistics. In this way, they maintain an overview of the warehousing and performance of distribution logistics at all times, taking into account regulatory requirements such as batch tracking. At the same time, they increase process quality, repeatability and achieve shorter lead times with a lower error rate because order accuracy is an absolute necessity in the healthcare sector. Track & Trace helps them to meet the requirements of their clients. The process documentation often also requires verification of the environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and climate) or the condition of the goods in compliance with the applicable hygiene requirements. Special handling instructions can be taken into account.

Highly Dynamic Picking of Medical and Care Products

The supply of medical devices, especially to professional users, must always be punctual and precise. The delivery quantities are becoming smaller and smaller and the delivery frequency is increasing, as users can - and only wish - to store only small quantities. Often the delivery and therefore also the order picking is done for a specific purpose, e.g. a specific treatment, in order to minimise the logistics effort at the addressee. At the same time, large production batches need to be stored. This balancing act can only be mastered with a high-performance intralogistics solution.

GEBHARDT Establishes a Shuttle Warehouse at Paul Hartmann AG

The leading international supplier of medical, care and hygiene products provides hospitals, care facilities and the specialised trade with high-tech products. To expand warehouse capacity, Hartmann implemented a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse with four picking workstations, automatic cardboard box building, a connection to manual order picking and seven dispatch workstations in Heidenheim, Württemberg. The warehouse is controlled by the GEBHARDT Storeware software.

High Delivery Performance and Optimal Use of Space Thanks to Automated Storage and Picking Systems

The individual process steps in the warehouse must be linked together in the best possible way with the appropriate material flow technology. Automatic storage and picking systems also enable effective access protection and control, e.g. to prevent misuse. The built-in technology also allows the consignments to be prepared for special delivery requirements, such as appropriate labels, strapping, stretch film and the like. Healthcare logistics has a competitive environment with high price pressure, in which the only way to survive is to have efficient intralogistics. This is often as a result of regulatory requirements.

Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products Using Contract Logistics

Third Party Logistics

Labour shortages in economically prosperous regions and nevertheless high demands on throughput in logistics often leave automation as the only option. In addition, customers' requirements with regard to product handling and regulatory provisions are increasing. Many manufacturers therefore decide to outsource logistics to specialist companies without reducing their stringent quality requirements. Logistics service providers best meet this challenge with a strong package of automation technology and software.

GEBHARDT Establishes a Fully Automated Distribution Centre for karldischinger

GEBHARDT establishes a new logistics centre for the South Baden-based logistics provider karldischinger GmbH with a total of 15,384 storage spaces in a high bay warehouse, 136.50 metres of installed conveyor technology and six storage and retrieval machines. This warehouse is used for pharmaceutical logistics and has been specially certified and audited for these needs.

Ergonomic and Secure Workplaces Achieved Through Automation

For their employees, automation offers the chance of a workplace that prioritises ergonomic design and functional safety. Reduce absenteeism and address the challenges of an ageing population (and workforce) and skills shortages. Workplace ergonomics have a direct impact on the work results of their employees due to the high performance requirements. In overall terms, automation reduces the proportion of manual work in the warehouse. Especially complex order picking tasks, such as the processing of recipes, require concentrated employees.

Production Supply in Medical Technology at the Highest Level

Medical technology is high-tech. Accordingly, the intralogistics must also handle the components with care and still supply production and service efficiently. Serialisation of components requires targeted management and control of the material flow. Integrated quality management processes are standard here. Ergonomic workplace concepts facilitate work and support error-free work in production and logistics.

GEBHARDT Facilitates Successful Entry into Automated Intralogistics at Ziehm Imaging

The medical technology company Ziehm Imaging has moved into its corporate headquarters to the innovative new EUROCOM business park. With this relocation, the company remains true to its regional roots and at the same time, together with the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group, is realising the reorganisation of its intralogistics processes from incoming goods to production and order picking to outgoing goods.

Automation Promotes Sustainability

Last but not least, with automation you are also investing in sustainability and resource conservation, while at the same time meeting high requirements for economic efficiency as well as investment & information security. Tamper-proof systems require a consistent IT and control concept, which is also documented accordingly. Automation of logistics leads to a reduction in labour costs over many years of plant operation and enables high efficiency even in countries with high unit labour costs. In addition, consumers and customers are actively demanding goods from a sustainable supply chain. Our plants integrate modern IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies.

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