Identifying the Right Storage Solution

Different industries, different functional areas and therefore also different warehouse solutions. To provide you with the proper storage solution, we will find the optimal storage solution for your warehouse. Whether pallets, wire mesh boxes, large load carriers, containers, cartons, or trays - we propose a tailor-made concept for every type of storage.

There are various ways to store goods cost-effectively and achieve high throughput. After all, if too much capital is locked up in warehouse inventory, you will not increase profits. Our mission is to ensure that you have a smooth material flow, efficient transport, and the best concept for goods storage.

Whether for a transshipment warehouse, storage warehouse, or order picking warehouse, the most important element to ensure a smooth material flow is the correct storage of unpackaged goods and packaged goods in cartons, pallets, or containers.  Investments in the warehouse in the form of state-of-the-art technology – hardware and software – combined with full integration into the complete value chain ensures optimal material flow movements as well as clear transparency.

Important factors in the warehouse include a demand-driven inventory management and inventory control system, time optimized storage and retrieval, staging, delivery (goods-to-person), and the integration of warehouse and information technology. The solutions developed by GEBHARDT make storage and retrieval with storage and retrieval machines, shuttles, load handling devices, and high-bay warehouse pre-zone solutions such as sorting and conveyor technology as simple as possible. Compatibility and integration into existing systems is guaranteed.

GEBHARDT Implements Shuttle Warehouse at Paul Hartmann AG

GEBHARDT implements shuttle warehouse at Paul Hartmann AG. A 3-aisle automatic miniload warehouse with 39 one-level shuttles - from goods retrieval it passes across the conveyor line to the order picking stations. The order picking area consists of four ergonomic height-adjustable workstations. Tower storage units for collecting cartons and for sequenced feeding to the corresponding order-picking station are also integrated.

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