Other Load Carriers

Whether trolleys, furniture, workpiece carriers, large equipment, or ladders, our comprehensive product range can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Our strength lies in the engineering and modular design of our products. Contact us if you want to store or transport more than just standardised load carriers, such as euro-crates or euro-pallets.

Application Examples

Special Load Carriers e.g. Seats in the Automotive Sector

Special load carriers are used to transport and store a variety of different products, e.g. seats, tires, or body/engine parts. In this example, seats are delivered on special load carriers in sequence and just-in-time.

Workpiece Carrier

Workpiece carriers are particularly used in assembly environments. These workpiece carriers can be loaded with a wide variety of products, such as gear motors, electronics, or mechanical assemblies.

Large Appliances

The assembly and transport of large appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, or refrigerators require special conveyor technology for safe and gentle product transport. Ergonomics in assembly environments is vital for the employees.

Roller Trolleys

Roller trolley transports are used in the food industry, retail, and e-commerce. Here, roller trolleys are used as order picking trolleys. One particular challenge is ensuring safe and fast transport without any disruptions.

IBC / Container

IBCs are used in the chemical industry and the food sector. The conveyor and warehouse technology must be tailored to these special load carriers. Special consideration must be given to moving liquids as well as the high weight.

Cable Drums

Cable drums are frequently moved and stored automatically in cable processing or cable producing companies as well as in retail. When designing an automation solution, special consideration must be given to the high weight and geometry.

Other Load Carriers


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