Steel Trays

Steel trays have many different applications as load carriers, particularly in mechanical engineering, the furniture industry and the electrical industry. While sheet metal trays always have the same dimensions, goods to be conveyed on trays can have various sizes and properties. Even though there are weight restrictions of, for example 50kg in the technology for automatic miniload warehouses, a much higher material weight can be achieved by using steel trays.

Special load handling devices enable smooth warehouse operations. Storage and retrieval machines, lifting beam storage systems and shuttle systems use the one shuttle per level or multi-level principle. Since each tray can be individually loaded, a high degree of storage flexibility can accommodate product variety within given system dimensions. The machines can be adapted to handle various tray dimensions to meet your specific needs. The storage is usually single-deep, making it suitable for fast, sequence-controlled retrieval. This advantage makes the system an ideal component to a state-of-the-art production logistics solution. If your products are lightweight, oversized plastic trays can also be used, e.g. for storing cable harnesses.

System Solution Examples

Furniture Component Storage

In a highly-automated furniture factory, the StoreBiter® OLS and MLS Shuttles store wooden furniture components on steel trays. The trays, weighing up to 100 kg, are stored and retrieved using the appropriate load handling devices and supply the picking robots, which prepare the order for specific pieces of furniture.

Storage of Semiconductor Components

A steel tray divided into 60-compartments with a transport weight of up to 150kg is used to hold semiconductor components. An order picking system, which operates according to the goods-to-person principle, is directly connected to the rack. The order picking process supplies a manufacturing facility for electronic products.

Storage and Assembly System for Pumps

The automatic tray warehouse with 900x700mm steel trays supplies the combined order picking and assembly workstations with pump components. The tray can weigh up to 300kg.

Tool Warehouse with Steel Trays

A 12m high automatic tray storage system was installed to store metalworking tools. The trays can weigh up to 300 kg and measures 1000x600 mm. The tools can be supplied directly to the processing machines via a pre-zone.


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