New Construction of an Automated Logistics Centre

karldischinger GmbH

GEBHARDT realises a new logistics centre for the South Baden-based logistics provider karldischinger GmbH with a total of 15,384 storage spaces in a high bay warehouse, 136.50 metres of installed conveyor technology and six aisle stacker cranes.

GEBHARDT Reference Karldischinger GmbH

A Holistic Solution Across Different Storage Areas

From Incoming Goods to Storage in the Pallet Warehouse

The delivery and collection of palletised goods by truck takes place within the framework of an interlocking gateway function. This means that constant temperatures can be maintained in the storage area, which is very important with products in the pharmaceutical industry. The goods are brought by the truck and with the aid of industrial trucks to the warehouse consolidation area. After unloading here, the entire contents of the truck are transported onwards to the goods check-in. A weighing machine and contour control check the pallets for defects in terms of size, weight and pallet quality. Once the pallets have been released from the goods check-in, they are transferred to one of six integrated aisle stacker cranes via various roller and chain conveyors.

Support from the Warehouse and Material Flow Software

By means of the used storage and material fow software GEBHARDT StoreWare a goods removal order is created. With this, the warehouse receives information on which goods are to be sent via the conveyor systems to the outputting stations.

„Once the warehouse with its automated modules had been completed by GEBHARDT and we were able to put it into operation, we were still not left alone. This showed to us, during this project stage, that we had chosen the best partner for us.“

Karlhubert Dischinger, Former Managing Director of karldischinger GmbH

GEBHARDT Pallet Conveyor Technology at karldischinger

GEBHARDT, as general contractor, is implementing a fully automated distribution centre at the logistics service provider karldischinger in Ehrenkirchen. After the incoming goods inspection using pallet conveyor technology and the quality assurance of the pallets, the goods enter the pallet high-bay warehouse.

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