GEBHARDT InstaPick® – entry into automated warehouse technology

Efficient warehouse processes are the key to a company's competitiveness. To fulfil these requirements and increase productivity, GEBHARDT presents its latest product: GEBHARDT InstaPick®. As a pioneering solution in warehouse robotics, InstaPick® will be presented for the first time at LogiMAT in Stuttgart. 

GEBHARDT presented its latest product at the start of the LogiMAT intralogistics trade fair in Stuttgart: GEBHARDT InstaPick®. The GEBHARDT InstaPick® modular storage system fulfils the growing demand for easy-to-install storage solutions in combination with flexible order picking. Consisting of state-of-the-art robots, a rack up to 12 metres high, and a flexible workstation, the system can be seamlessly integrated into existing operational processes and offers maximum efficiency and flexibility. An intelligent grid system above the simple line racks allows for precise x-axis and z-axis robot navigation.  The system enables both single and multi-deep storage for optimum space utilisation. InstaPick® is characterised by optimum scalability and can be adapted to suit the company's needs and requirements. By eliminating complex vertical conveyors and conveyor technology, InstaPick® enables optimum use of available space and minimises warehouse floor usage. 

The seamless integration of mobile robotics offers additional flexibility. Workstations can be connected to proven conveyor technology from GEBHARDT or the mobile robots of the GEBHARDT KARIS® system. Fixed transfer points are defined within the outermost row of shelves, to which the KARIS®-AMR transfers the containers directly. 

Thanks to its high-quality standard components and simple design, easy commissioning and maintenance minimise downtimes and ensure reliable operation. GEBHARDT InstaPick® enables fast and direct access to required containers, resulting in high throughput and fast order fulfilment. The system is easily scalable, requires low investment costs, and enables direct container access without relocation. 

Learn more about the advantages of GEBHARDT InstaPick® and redesign the future of your intralogistics processes.


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