Lighter, faster, more efficient – the new storage and retrieval crane CHEETAH® Miniload from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik

Sinsheim, 29th February 2012 – Acceleration, velocity and the handover time are of crucial importance for storage and retrieval cranes in automatic small-parts storages. With the new storage and retrieval crane CHEETAH® sets GEBHARDT new benchmarks: Due to an innovative use of materials is it extremely light and very fast.

“CHEETAH® achieves with comparable acquisition costs and less maintenance costs a much higher throughput” explained Rolf Eder, sales director at GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH. The GEBHARDT CHEETAH® will be adjusted in each case to the necessary dynamic in the context of project planning in order to reach the maximal efficiency.

The excellent energy-efficiency is obtained by intelligent energy management and a reduced dead weight – a multi-material mix of composite material, steel and aluminium, that is normally just applied in automotive and aircraft manufacturing as well as in sailing, ensures the very low dead weight of CHEETAH®.

A large-volume mast in half-timbered construction implies the necessary stability and strength and leads to a lower centre of gravity of the whole system with noticeable better driving characteristics. A motor with a direct frictional connection to the guide rails enables an optimal power transmission. The shorter chassis saves space whereas maintenance-friendly designed wear parts remain easily accessible. The result: More productivity through less down times.

The control technology, which is integrated in the mast and as well movable, is particularly clever. It guarantees a precise positioning, the recuperation of brake energy and an energy optimized overlay of movements. In conjunction with GEBHARDT StoreWare LVS, the control adapts its velocity itself to the order situation. The data transfer happens via WLAN or an optical data transceiver.

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