Load Handling Devices for the Storage of Trays

GEBHARDT load handling devices (LHD) are the partners of storage and retrieval machines (SRM), lifting beams, shuttle technologies and transfer cars. Quick and reliable access, even to multi-deep shelf compartments when storing or retrieving trays to assure you an optimum process sequence. Each SRM can be equipped with various standard load handling devices for specific tasks. Variants arise from requirements such as conveyance goods, loading handling units and shelf depth. Decisive benefits of GEBHARDT load handling devices, in addition to their mechanical qualities, address the need for space, speed and process accuracy.

Load Handling Devices for Trays

Multiform gripper active

  • Width adjustment can cover different sizes of conveyance goods
  • Different lengths, widths and heights
  • Shelf racks can be used
  • Multi-deep storage is possible
  • No vertical extraction - space saving in y-direction
  • Storage and retrieval can be performed in the front zone area by roller conveyors (or similar) almost simultaneously

Telescopic technology

  • Big weights are possible
  • Multi-deep storage
  • Storage and retrieval can be performed in the front zone area by belt drives almost simultaneously
  • Various containers (also of different sizes)
  • Relocations can be accelerated by belt drives in the case of multiple-deep storage spaces
  • Can be tilted by up to 10°

Gripper technology

  • High process reliability with positive connection
  • No need for vertical extraction
  • Space saving due to reduced clearance between containers and next shelf compartment
  • Retrieval and storage almost simultaneously through the use of a belt drive or motor rollers


  • High storage density
  • No lifting in a storage bay
  • Standardised extraction of the containers and cardboard boxes - achieving high process reliability
  • Throughput higher than with vertical extraction technology due to fewer driving cycles

Telescopic unit with flat belt conveyor

  • Multi-deep storage is possible
  • Short storage and retrieval times
  • Retrieval and storage possible almost simultaneously in the front zone area through the use of a belt drive
  • Can be tilted by up to 10°

Individual Application Options of LHD for Trays


Tray storage

Dr. Willmar Schwabe

Tray storage

Storage Type: Steel Trays

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