The ultimate form of pallet storage

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS is the benchmark when it comes to warehouse capacity, flexibility and efficiency with the storage of pallets and wire crates. The shuttle vehicle itself performs the function of a load handling device (LHD). The flat lifting carriage can transport your conveyance goods into passively designed, multi-deep storage channels and deposit them in the right places. The special feature of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS is its autonomy, which allows it to move completely independently in your warehouse channels.

An Overview of the Advantages

  • High throughput
  • Robust and compact design
  • Optimum warehouse space and area utilisation through multi-deep storage
  • Fast installation and commissioning of the system due to the passive design of the warehouse without electrical installation in the storage channels
  • High storage density and capacity
  • Can be adapted flexibly
  • Sets benchmarks when it comes to throughput, flexibility and efficiency
  • Low investment and operating costs

Product Features of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS

With Full Power to the Fore

The StoreBiter® OPS can be combined with a storage and retrieval machine, a transfer car or a vertical conveyor. The shuttle itself is guided through your warehouse via a programmable logic controller (PLC) and is powered by supercaps. This allows for storage channels of any length without the need for complex cable and rope connections. Charging stations are mounted on the carrier vehicle and can also be mounted inside the storage channels if required. Consequently, the StoreBiter® OPS is designed for 24/7 operation, as batteries do not require time-consuming recharging.

Great Economy

The StoreBiter® OPS system delivers convincingly high storage capacity at comparably low investment and operating costs. The passive storage channels and the simple, robust construction of the shuttle result in low maintenance and servicing requirements. The system design enables efficient, needs-based IT organisation and inventory monitoring.

Flexible Storage Concepts

The storage system offers maximum flexibility as warehouses can be organised according to both the last-in-first-out and the first-in-first-out principle. The StoreBiter® OPS is the ideal solution in terms of space-saving storage for a large number of pallets. The system shows its advantages to the full when the warehouse channels can be filled according to type. So nothing stands in the way of our experts implementing your individual warehouse layout.

Efficient Storage of Pallets at KW Automotive

Together with the GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group, KW automotive GmbH reorganised its intralogistics at the main site in Fichtenberg. Warehouse processes were to be optimised, costs reduced and processes perfectly coordinated and made transparent for all those involved. In addition, the complex warehouse technology for production supply and dispatch had to be optimally mapped.

Warehousing Process of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS

The warehousing process applicable with the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® OPS consists of five main steps, which can be automatically executed sequentially by the system.

Step 1: The carrier vehicle (e.g. SRM) is positioned with the StoreBiter® OPS in front of the channel in which the pallet that needs to be transported is stored.

Step 2: The Shuttle travels between the channel rails beneath the desired pallet and lifts this with the integrated lifting unit.

Step 3: The StoreBiter® OPS travels together with the pallet on the carrier vehicle (e.g. SRM).

Step 4: Positioning of the pallet and the StoreBiter® OPS on the carrier vehicle.

Step 5: The carrier vehicle travels to the retrieval lanes.

Examples of Bespoke Application Options for the StoreBiter® OPS


StoreBiter® OPS


StoreBiter® OPS

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