GEBHARDT Cheetah® neo

Ultimate flexibility due to modular design

Developed using the same modular design principle, the GEBHARDT Cheetah® neo adapts to suit the requirements for load capacity, dimensions, height of building and hourly storage and retrieval operations. It can therefore cover a broad range of applications. The rail-bound GEBHARDT Cheetah neo® is a storage and retrieval machine for the single or multi-deep fully automatic storage and retrieval of containers, cardboard boxes and trays. It is possible to transport goods weighing up to 300 kg with this system, and to reach maximum storage heights of up to 24 metres.


The Cheetah® neo has a total of five individual modules which can vary in size and features depending on the height and the goods being transported.

An Overview of the Advantages

  • For load carriers weighing up to 300 kg
  • Up to a height of 24 metres
  • Patented GEBHARDT drive solution prevents vibration
  • Low-maintenance toothed belt engine (hoist drive)
  • Retractable switch cabinet pedestal integrated in the mast
  • Optimised approach dimensions
  • Optimised mast is light, simple and very rigid
  • Modular structure

GEBHARDT Cheetah® neo Modules

Modul 1 | Ground Travel Carriage

The ground travel carriage is made of a torsion and bending resistant welded construction which enables a very low approach dimension at the bottom. The vertical load transfer into the rail of the Cheetah® neo is realised by generously dimensioned wheels. Tracking is ensured by lateral guide wheels.

The ground travel carriage is part of the basic structure of an SRM. Depending on applications, it is secured using a lightweight or steel mast with an appropriate drive. It is the same for all variants and is characterised by its rigidity and by its low approach dimension at the bottom.

Modul 2 | Mast

Lightweight Mast

The lightweight mast is very rigid as well as very light, providing ultimate dynamic properties. The main support member is an extruded aluminium girder with integrated guide rails. The integration of the control cabinet into the framework structure is very special. This means that the control cabinet does not reduce the approach dimension and does not obstruct access by ladder.


Steel Mast

The steel mast can accept high loads, it has a simple and robust structure, and has been established on the market for decades. This concept was revised on basis of decades of experience and has been implemented in an innovative manner.

Modul 3 | Travel Drive

The Cheetah® portfolio provides three different drives:

Friction Wheel Drive

The friction drive on an SRM idler wheel is the simplest drive variant and it has already been in use since the very first automated storage and retrieval machines.  A plus point of this drive is its very good price-performance ratio.

Max. speed: 4.0 m/s

Max. acceleration: 1.0 m/s2


Omega Toothed Belt Engine

The travel drive is realised by an Omega toothed belt engine. The toothed belt is fastened to the floor at the start and end of the aisle, runs through the entire aisle and is deflected by two pulleys on the SRM. The Omega drive delivers a robust positive connection and causes less wear. The gearbox, which is fixed in place by a torque support, and the drive motor form a compact drive block.

Max. speed: 4.0 m/s

Max. acceleration: 3.0 m/s2


Drive Shears

The drive shears apply a defined constant pre-tensioning force so the tilting behaviour has no influence on the dynamics compared to the classic friction wheel drive. Preload is applied by two large rollers pressed laterally against the web of the travel rail. Each of the two rollers has its own motor. The two motors allow for high dynamics and the two brakes ensure high safety at the same time.

Max. speed: 4.5 m/s

Max. acceleration: 5.0 m/s2

Modul 4 | Lifting Carriage and Load Handling Devices

The main components of the lifting carriage are the load handling device and guide carriages. The vertical movement is generated by a revolving toothed belt. The forces that arise are transmitted to the support and guide rails by adjustable (pairs of) rollers.

GEBHARDT load handling devices (LHD) are an essential part of storage and retrieval machines. Variants arise from requirements such as conveyance goods, loading handling units and shelf depth. Decisive benefits of GEBHARDT load handling devices, in addition to their mechanical qualities, address the need for space, speed and process accuracy.


With the new Cheetah® neo, depending on existing requirements, either a telescopic unit with flat belt conveyor, a multiform gripper, gripper technology, extraction technology or special load handling equipment can be used.


All LHDs are also available as double LHDs.

Modul 5 | Switch Cabinet/Control Cabinet

Whether a steel or a lightweight mast is used, our SRMs have two control cabinets:

  • a stationary control cabinet outside the aisle
  • a control cabinet travelling in the X-direction on the SRM

Stationary Control Cabinet

  • Receive, execute and monitor travel orders
  • Safety monitoring of storage and retrieval machine and aisle in automatic and in manual mode
  • Monitoring of aisle access
  • Communication of control cabinet to SRM via data photoelectric data sensor.

Mobile Control Cabinet

  • Takes over axis control for driving in X and lifting in Y direction as well as power supply to the axes in X, Y and Z direction
  • Communicates with the stationary control cabinet and with the drives on the LHD
  • Depending on the mast, the mobile control cabinet is located behind the mast (steel mast) or is integrated directly in the mast (lightweight mast) (see Figure)

The patented GEBHARDT drive solution prevents vibrations and is also very energy-efficient due to energy recovery by means of an interim circuit coupling, supercap storage or regeneration.

Reduced vibrations have many advantages for the operator:

  • No time-consuming settling times before the LHD can operate accurately
  • Increased lightweight potential, as the load on the mast and driving bogie decreases
  • Reduced energy consumption and low connected load, as less mass has to be moved
  • Reduced load on wearing parts such as rollers
  • No complex anti-oscillation drive necessary

The Cheetah® – Our Latest Generation of Storage and Retrieval Machines for Automatic Miniload Warehouses

With the Cheetah® neo storage and retrieval machine, GEBHARDT can create your automatic miniload warehouse for containers, cardboard boxes and trays. In the 3D video you can see the storage and retrieval machine solution for a fully digitalised warehouse - result: ultimate process efficiency and system availability!

Advantages of the GEBHARDT Cheetah® neo

  • Energy coupling plus optimised drive and lifting axis. This minimises travel and lifting time for a maximum number of combined cycles with minimum energy consumption
  • External control position (+ manual control outside the aisle at full dynamics), here safety specifications of the new EN528:2021 outperform the standard
  • Galileo IoT with customised evaluation of sensor data (operation and test drives) to detect and eliminate damage and wear preventively. This achieves maximum availability
  • Accessible platform on the lifting carriage and therefore good maintenance accessibility
  • Easy fixation of the lifting carriage at any height from the ladder (+ quick fault clearance)
  • Optional: Camera on the LHD and screen on the external control position
  • Optional: Energy regeneration: The released energy that cannot be used in another axis can be fed back into the grid
  • Optional: Energy storage

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