GEBHARDT Lifting Beam Storage

Rapid access to desired materials

GEBHARDT lifting beam storage is based on storage and retrieval machine technology and comprises these components: lifting beams, two lifting masts and a shuttle carriage. Efficient load handling devices (LHD), e.g. a telescopic unit with flat belt conveyor, provide rapid access to your containers, trays and cardboard boxes in an automatic miniload warehouse.

An Overview of the Advantages

  • Storage and retrieval technology with a very compact, self-contained design
  • Front and rear approach dimensions are very small
  • For single or multi-deep automatic miniload warehouse storage
  • Compatible with all GEBHARDT load handling devices
  • Perfectly suited to sequencing or buffer applications

GEBHARDT Lifting Beam Storage

Setup of Lifting Beam Storage

The shuttle carriage is responsible for the horizontal positioning of the load handling device at the desired column of shelving while the lifting beams assure vertical positioning of the transfer car at the relevant level of shelving. Both ensure that the load handling device removes the required containers from the rack by positioning the load handling device very accurately. The lift masts consist of an aluminium construction with a bolted-on guide rail. The compact design also has great advantages in tight spaces. GEBHARDT lifting beam storage has a high degree of volume utilisation.


Compared to a storage and retrieval machine, lifting beam storage offers a more dynamic system behaviour. The system can also be used alone or in conjunction with other intralogistics equipment. Lifting beam storage is suitable for the economic storage of a limited number of stored goods. This type of storage is also used as a buffer in shipping, for sequencing or for empty containers. Another area of application is the support of order picking processes. To implement zone-based order picking, the lower rack levels can be designed as flow channels, giving the pickers direct access to the stored goods. Several lifting beam storage units can be arranged next to each other, connected using conveyor technology.

Advantages of GEBHARDT Lifting Beam Storage

  • Efficient load handling devices assure rapid access
  • The place of use is usually a buffer store in dispatch, for sequencing or for empty container storage
  • Order pickers can obtain direct access to the goods in storage
  • Containers, trays and cardboard boxes weighing up to 120 kg
  • Use in automatic miniload warehouses

Examples of Bespoke Application Options for Lifting Beam Storage


Lifting Beam Storage

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Lifting Beam Storage

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