GEBHARDT Omnipallet®

Pallet shuttle storage system for maximum efficiency

With the robot and shuttle-based GEBHARDT Omnipallet®, GEBHARDT delivers a pioneering innovation in the field of pallet storage technology. This innovation applies the already-established shuttle technology for containers and cartons to pallet conveying systems.

In contrast to the pallet SRM, the new shuttle is not permanently assigned to a rack aisle and, unlike conventional pallet shuttles, is not dependent on a parent vehicle, as both points restrict flexibility too much. For this reason, the robot moves bi-directionally. The system thus enables a variety of storage concepts, whether in cooperation with or without pallet conveyor technology. Storage can be single-deep to multiple-deep and combined in any way.

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  • High scalability
  • Maximum utilisation of storage capacities
  • High and low capacities possible regardless of warehouse size
  • Co-operation with conventional conveyor technology
  • High energy efficiency - designed for continuous operation thanks to automatic loading
  • Single and multi-deep storage can be freely combined
  • Suitable for Industry 4.0
  • Higher throughputs and greater flexibility for the storage of pallets, mesh boxes, and large load carriers

GEBHARDT Omnipallet®

Flexible pallet shuttle for dynamic storage technology

Omnipallet® storage system automation doesn’t depend on a central core, unlike high-bay warehouses that use storage and retrieval machines. Instead, the system uses numerous small robots that move independently within the warehouse structure. In this way, higher demands on pallet storage and conveying technology, such as high dynamics and flexibility, can be met. Using Omnipallet® can achieve significantly higher throughputs, maximum system flexibility, and high scalabitliy of the overall system.

Features of the GEBHARDT Omnipallet®

Cost-efficient storage variations

The innovative shuttle enables a variety of storage variations. These can be for warehouses with both high-performance and low throughputs.

The size of the storage system only plays a subordinate role, as the variable size and the throughput are not directly linked, unlike automatic storage and retrieval warehouses.  For example, entry-level solutions with Omnipallet® work according to the FIFO or LIFO principle and store large load carriers with a high storage density. Compared to manually operated warehouses, in particular, this results in a significant efficiency gain. Wide travel paths for forklifts are almost entirely eliminated.

The system is equally suitable for production, raw material, stock, or material warehouses. Omnipallet® can also demonstrate its strengths in distribution logistics.

Intelligent shuttle control for optimum operation

The intelligent control system enables the entire system to work effectively without blockages. Robots are efficiently routed through the warehouse structure. Loading management and task distribution are also part of the package and ensure smooth operation. The software can be flexibly connected to a variety of WMS and offers great flexibility.

Compared to many competing solutions, our software can route robots along the shortest route, even if this leads to two-way traffic of different robots or trips under occupied channels. The software prevents deadlocks and blockages and thus ensures high throughput without detours.   

Modern ultracap technology for maximum autonomy

Omnipallet´s® power supply uses ultracap technology, as long conductor rails can be expensive. The ultracaps can be quickly charged while in the rack, allowing the robots to operate 24/7 without long charging breaks for the robots. This means that the charging time is not considered as additional waiting time, and the shuttle’s availability remains high.

To achieve greater autonomy, the innovative mechanical system reduces the number of installed motors, resulting in lower acquisition costs and dead weight. The most significant advantage compared to pallet storage and retrieval machines is the low tare weight of the shuttle, which means that the ratio of tare weight to maximum payload is only approximately 1:4.

Perfectly driven by sophisticated logistics at SEW-EURODRIVE

Semiconductors, integrated circuits, etc. - hardly anything today can run without electronic components, especially in highly modern and efficient technology. This also applies to the products of SEW-EURODRIVE, the market leader for drive technology from Bruchsal. To meet the constantly growing demand for electronic components in the future, the decision was made to build a new plant at the Bruchsal location. The goal was to implement the most modern production technology and a sophisticated logistics concept with modular production islands flexibly supplied via driverless transport systems. Together with GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group from Sinsheim, the most modern electronics plant in Europe was created.

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