GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® Platform

Networking in Focus

The GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® Platform offers you the possibility of digitalising and networking your complete intralogistics system in a cloud. Through the creation of a digital twin within the platform, it is possible to visualise system expansions and modifications through the use of augmented reality in the form of 3D holograms. Thanks to continuous condition monitoring, you can access real-time data at any time. This allows you to recognise impending downtimes and the need for maintenance work in a timely manner (predictive maintenance). As a result of this, maintenance and repairs can take place at scheduled times, which reduces downtime during ongoing production and helps to increase system availability. This has a positive effect on the service life of components and machines.

Benefits of GEBHARDT Galileo IoT®

  • Feedback from development and operation
  • Quicker response times
  • Optimisation of system operation
  • Increase of system availability
  • Lowering of total cost of ownership
  • Improved communication & customer contact
  • Transparency thanks to root cause analysis and analytics
  • Optimisation of maintenance plans through a reduction in unplanned measures
  • More efficient and seamless system operation

Core Functions

The GEBHARDT Galileo IoT® platform gives you a clear overview of all logistics system data whenever you need it. With this, you can monitor the current status of all intralogistics systems on the one hand, and on the other, permanently monitor each individual component. This involves collecting and processing data from a number of different sources.

These data include machine data from control systems and components, physical variables with the proprietary condition monitoring sensor, operational data with the GEBHARDT warehouse management system and performance data with the GEBHARDT material flow computer. Analysis of the material flow data, for example, provides information about the current performance of your intralogistics system and its wear parameters at all times.

After data fusion, the data from different systems are aggregated and enriched using AI and ML algorithms. The prepared data and results are displayed visually in the platform, and information can be provided on how to optimise your system – making Mission Control as a service product possible. Dashboards can be used to support the monitoring of conveyor and warehouse systems, and to visualise the data from the warehouse management software.

Furthermore, augmented reality applications are used and systems are visualised using 3D models. The 3D models fulfil the requirements for a digital twin, since they are stored together with all of the necessary data for the system. With this, it is possible to track the design, configuration and all changes, as well as the state of the system at any time using the digital model. Finally, the Galileo IoT platform is enriched with master data and project data from the GEBHARDT ERP system.

Features of GEBHARDT Galileo IoT®

Monitoring of the Digital Twin
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • 3D visualisation using dashboards
  • Analytics and root cause analysis
Equipment-Specific Dashboard
  • Interactive evaluation options
  • Orientation to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • User-friendly and intuitive in operation
Health Page
  • Health index calculation
  • Automatic wear detection for machines
  • Human-machine interaction
Test Run Feature
  • Threshold evaluation (AI and ML algorithms)
  • Intelligent system monitoring
  • Smart condition monitoring incl. forecasting
Asset Intelligence Network
  • Information aggregation from manufacturers, service providers and system operators
  • Digital documentation and identification
  • Virtual maintenance instructions and spare parts lists
Predictive Calculation Tool
  • Machine and product data analysis
  • Forecasting of unwanted operating states
  • Proactive recommendations for action and optimisation

Development and Realisation of GEBHARDT Cloud Technologies

With cloud technologies, we are able to receive feedback from the projects that we have completed and thus offer added value to customers. With GEBHARDT Galileo IoT®, we align our customers’ systems to Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation. Commissioned by ‘Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0’, we invited film agency Der Punkt and the Network Cyber Forum as our guests. They accompanied our colleagues Karl Denz and Yannick Maier as part of the transfer project of the Ministry of Economics and gained insight into the development and accomplishment of our cloud solutions.

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