Innovative Remote Service for Your Intralogistics System

Warehouse control system, especially in the case of mechanical faults. A communication process between GEBHARDT and your maintenance team, supported by state-of-the-art technology, ensures more rapid and more efficient assistance in the event of system faults.

A pair of data glasses with access to an augmented reality platform – the GEBHARDT SmartGlass service product – enables direct communication between you and GEBHARDT via video link. The camera embedded into the device allows GEBHARDT experts to see real-time images of the potential source of faults, thus enhancing the quality of fault analysis and enabling direct rectification with your maintenance team. The guided rectification process is also supported by the augmented reality function, which gives your maintenance team overlays of relevant information, such as maintenance and training documents, technical information and live images in the field of view. This ensures that all information is available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Technical Features
  • Reduced downtime
  • Faster ROI
  • Efficient help for your personnel on site.
  • Remote training
  • Integration into the existing ERP system
  • Integration into the existing CRM system
  • Immediate availability of all customer information
  • Increased support quality on our hotline

GEBHARDT SmartGlass Usage Options

Smart Remote Service

Show GEBHARDT experts the potential source of a fault via tablet, smartphone or data glasses. This service complements the traditional hotline call. Solutions to problems can also be documented for third-level support and made available to you for future reference using screenshots and video recordings.

The benefit for you? No more long waiting times for our service technicians to arrive. No need to pay for an on-site service deployment that could have been avoided. Solving your mechanical or software problems is also directly supported by our hotline experts.

Exchange of Relevant Information

Our expert has access to the call and machine history, and can provide you with all of the necessary information via SmartGlass, such as technical drawings and circuit diagrams. Using augmented reality, this information is overlaid with a pointer function and gives your maintenance personnel detailed instructions on rectifying the problem. In the event that it is not possible to rectify a problem with our SmartGlass product, we can always deploy a service technician to your site as promptly as possible.

Support and Training

In addition to the main function of the GEBHARDT SmartGlass product, this innovative service product has additional benefits for your system maintenance. Even without direct video conferencing to our experts, we can provide you with support functions via SmartGlass. Standard testing or maintenance work which falls in the area of responsibility of the system operator is shown in a video and can be called up and viewed via the glasses at any time. This guarantees that your maintenance personnel can work efficiently and that your system will always be in good condition. In this way, not only do we optimise service with the GEBHARDT SmartGlass product in the event of a fault, but we also support the work of your personnel on the system.

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