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In contract logistics, it is crucial to be able to react flexibly to new and existing customers and their requirements. Scalability, flexibility and reusability of automation solutions are crucial. In the competitive market of contract logistics providers, your customers expect high delivery performance and reliability. Challenges such as next-day delivery or returns management are the order of the day. Flexibility is necessary to deal with peaks in order volume, new customer relationships or changing product ranges that vary greatly in shape, weight and size. E-commerce in particular is often handled by contract logistics providers.

Real-time monitoring of logistical processes enables maximum transparency. This process transparency is created by using the latest software technologies in conjunction with automation of their intralogistics. In this way, they maintain an overview of the warehousing and performance of the distribution logistics at all times. At the same time, they increase process quality, repeatability and achieve shorter throughput times with a lower error rate, because order accuracy is a decisive competitive factor. Track & Trace helps them to meet the requirements of their clients. The process documentation often also requires verification of the environmental conditions (e.g. temperature) or the condition of the goods.

Contract Logistics for Pallets and Other Large Load Carriers

Digital processes in consultation with customers are something that many contract logistics specialists are passionate about. This needs to be extended to intralogistics if you are to become a dependable procedural logistics partner for your customers. Automation helps you meet customer expectations for short delivery lead times, even at peak periods. By using standard load carriers such as Euro pallets or wire crates, the storage and conveying systems can be used flexibly, even for several customers.

GEBHARDT establishes a new logistics centre for the South Baden-based logistics provider karldischinger GmbH with a total of 15,384 storage spaces in a high bay warehouse, 136.50 metres of installed conveyor technology and six storage and retrieval machines. This warehouse is used for pharmaceutical logistics and has been specially certified and audited for these needs.

High Delivery Performance and Optimal Use of Space Thanks to Automated Storage and Picking Systems

The individual process steps in the warehouse must be linked together in the best possible way with the appropriate material flow technology. Automated storage and order picking systems must also bring the necessary flexibility to respond to future changes in the market environment and to new customers. Contract logistics has a competitive environment with high price pressure, in which players can only survive if they have efficient intralogistics. Multi-user concepts make it possible to serve several customers with a single automation solution.

For their employees, automation offers the chance of a workplace that prioritises ergonomic design and functional safety. Reduce absenteeism and address the challenges of an ageing population (and workforce) and skills shortages. Workplace ergonomics have a direct impact on the work results of their employees due to the high performance requirements. In overall terms, automation reduces the proportion of manual work in the warehouse.

Contract Logistics for Small Parts in Cardboard Boxes and Containers or on Trays

The pressure on margins from rising labour costs, for example in e-commerce contract logistics, can be countered by investing in automation. At the same time, you tackle the problem of a shortage of labour. Take advantage of the high stock density that automation solutions bring and enjoy the benefit of being able to control and adjust your stocks even at times of uncertainty. Our solutions can start small and can then expand as you grow. By using standard load carriers such as Euro containers or cardboard boxes, these storage and conveyor systems can also be used flexibly in the future.

GEBHARDT Conveying and Warehouse Technology at C-Log in France

For many years, the logistics service provider C-Log Solutions, based in Saint Malo, France, has been supporting the fashion and textile retail business of the Beaumanoir Group as well as external partners at home and abroad. Having decided to go with the GEBHARDT product portfolio, the company sees itself ideally equipped for the changing shopping behaviour of consumers and the high demands of the textile mail order business in terms of achieving a continuous increase in performance.

Automation Promotes Sustainability

Last but not least, with automation you are also investing in sustainability and resource conservation, while at the same time meeting high requirements for economic efficiency and investment security. Automation of logistics leads to a reduction in labour costs over many years of plant operation and enables high efficiency even in countries with high unit labour costs. In addition, consumers and customers are actively demanding goods from a sustainable supply chain. Our plants integrate modern IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies.

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