Containers, Plastic Trays and Cartons

Automatic miniload warehouses are the centrepieces of state-of-the-art warehouses and order-picking systems. GEBHARDT offers a wide range of different storage solutions for containers, plastic trays and cartons. Whether you require shuttles or storage and retrieval machines, or lifting beam units, we can plan the perfect solution to meet your requirements. We always take into consideration scalability, flexibility and high storage density.

Warehouse technology from GEBHARDT offers high energy efficiency and extremely high operational reliability. A high throughput rate ensures short access times and at the same time high space utilisation at the same time, single, double or multi-deep.

Software for Controlling Your Warehouse

An automatic miniload warehouse from GEBHARDT allows you to increase your inventory accuracy and prevent shrinkage in the warehouse. Our warehouse machines can be controlled with virtually all software packages available on the market, preferably with our Storeware or SAP software package. Our warehouse digitalization solutions round off our software offering. Galileo IoT delivers the foundation for Industry 4.0 in your warehouse with predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and intelligent service features.

Increased Efficiency with Ergonomic Workstations

Warehouse automation solutions in the warehouse will save you manual work over the long term and help you offset the prevailing labour shortage and high personnel costs. The proven ergonomics of our classic workstations and the integrated workstations are the perfect solution in times of an ageing workforce. Highly dynamic sorting systems allow you to sort a large number of cartons or containers, e.g. in the shipping department.


Automation with Automated Guided Vehicles

Even without an automatic warehouse storage system, you can take advantage of our solutions for small parts solutions. Extended conveyor systems often streamline the daily workflow and increase efficiency in manual warehouse systems. Our conveyor technology for containers, trays and cartons is energy-efficient and has a modular design. State-of-the-art control systems ensure that they are fit for Industry 4.0. Where overhead traffic is important, the KARIS® automated guided vehicle system is the perfect solution for the intelligent networking of sources and sinks in the material flow. It is equipped with intelligent navigation without any structural changes and a decentralised control architecture, making it suitable for operation in production and distribution warehouses, as well as in spare parts and order picking warehouses.

Examples of System Solutions

Direct Carton Storage at Intersport

Cartons from Incoming Goods are automatically scanned and measured at Intersport and then stored in an automated carton warehouse. Six aisles with storage and retrieval machines and two shuttle aisles handle the direct storage of cartons without additional load handling units.

Highly Dynamic Order Picking Warehouse with Shuttles for Containers at 11teamsports

11teamsports is a Leading Omnichannel Retailer, Specialising in eCommerce. A highly dynamic shuttle warehouse with StoreBiter® OLS shuttles supplies the order picking. The goods are stored in plastic containers measuring 600x400 mm.

Storage of Spare Parts by Storage and Retrieval Machines at Miele

The multi-aisle single-deep storage and retrieval machine warehouse for spare parts supplies the order picking with the required containers. High dynamics combined with high throughput is essential for Miele's overall system. In addition to the automated warehouse, this also includes a sorter for pre-packed cartons. The material flow is connected via an advanced conveyor technology network.

Automatic Tray Storage with Multi-Level Shuttle at Dr. Willmar Schwabe

At Dr. Willmar Schwabe, a multi-aisle shuttle warehouse for plastic trays provides centralised storage that is both compact and powerful. The warehouse is connected to SAP EWM and offers space for 40,000 trays. The conveyor loop in the pre-zone connects the warehouse with the order picking workstations.

Carton Conveyor Technology in the Manual Warehouse at Jako

A conveyor system was installed at Jako, which ensures efficient and time-saving transport from Incoming Goods to Outgoing Goods. It not only supports the employees in the area of manual order picking, but also in packaging and shipping. The carton conveyor technology lies at the very core of this.

Container Conveyor Technology with Zone Order Picking at Jäger Direkt

Jäger Direkt opted for a zone order picking system based on container conveyor technology from GEBHARDT. This zone order picking considerably increases the throughput of the manual warehouse system. A lifting beam warehouse is used as a buffer in shipping and for consolidation, which offers high dynamics in a compact area.


Integrated Workstations with Shuttle Roaming Storage at UNI ELEKTRO

At UNI ELEKTRO, highly dynamic, integrated Simplepick workstations are supplied by a multi-aisle shuttle warehouse with One Level Shuttles. The integrated workstations offer fast 1:1 order picking for containers measuring 600x400 mm and 400x300 mm. They are transported directly from the warehouse to the workstations via sequencers. An empty container buffer with stacking stations completes the system.

Highly Dynamic Carton Sorting at flaconi

At flaconi, a fast sorter working according to the cross-belt principle sorts nearly 16,000 packages per hour. The sorter is used after the packaging in the Outgoing Goods department and sorts the incoming cartons to the right loading gates. The sorter is equipped with state-of-the-art predictive maintenance and condition monitoring technology. This considerably streamlines the operation and system maintenance.

Buffer Warehouse in Dispatch with Shuttles and Lifting Beams at Avnet

A shipping buffer, implemented with multi-level shuttles, ensures efficient and fast delivery to customers at Avnet. The container and carton conveyor technology connects the key elements of the warehouse and ensures an integrated overall system. Empty order trays are buffered in a lifting beam storage system designed for this purpose before they are required again to start an order. This reduces the amount of fitted technology and keeps the warehouse organised.


GEBHARDT Aligns INTERSPORT Logistics Centre with New Market and Sales Requirements

INTERSPORT is the number one company in sports retail and supplies more than 1,000 retailers worldwide. The company is using an omnichannel platform to supply its product range with ever-growing success. A shortage of storage space and outdated software made it necessary to upgrade the Incoming Goods department. Solutions supplied by GEBHARDT now make it possible to check in more than 2,000 containers per hour at the Incoming Goods department and to store and retrieve around 1,800 containers per hour. You can see how this was implemented in detail in the reference video.

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