Picking According to the Goods-to-Person Principle

The Goods-to-Person picking systems are characterized by a fixed workstation for the picking personnel to which the goods to be picked are fed.

Goods-to-person workstations cover a broad performance spectrum. This depends in particular on the additional activities that your picking personnel perform in addition to the actual picking process.

Different Performance Requirements in Order Picking

In lower throughput order processes additional activities such as value-added services, finishing processes, or pick&pack-solutions can be added.

Suppose you have high-performance requirements on your order picking, e.g., in e-commerce. In that case, GEBHARDT offers you integrated workplaces with which you can increase your picking performance.

Thanks to the GEBHARDT order picking solutions, you benefit from:

  • Short path and container change times
  • Higher picking accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Pick-by-Light
  • GEBHARDT StoreWare® picking dialogs

Combining our shuttle storage solutions with integrated workstations offers you a synchronized, high-performance system. In this way, you can ideally meet even the highest demands of your customers in terms of delivery speed, quality, and order processing throughput time.

GEBHARDT Components Support Your Order Picking

Integrated Workstations

GEBHARDT StoreWare Software

GEBHARDT Warehouse Shuttle Systems

Ergonomic Design of Workstations

It goes without saying that you want to support your employees in order-picking in the best possible way to ensure age-appropriate work and remain attractive as an employer. For this purpose, GEBHARDT offers a suitable solution to the questions of demographic change with our ergonomically optimized workstations. Your order-picking personnel can then not only achieve high picking performance under pleasant conditions, but your company also reduces the downtimes in your order picking.

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