Picking According to the Person-to-Goods Principle

The Person-to-Goods system is usually considered to be a lower-investment type of picking process. In this situation, the picker moves towards the material to be picked. High picking performance can be achieved by optimizing long distances.

Order pickers are guided through the warehouse using various picking methods such as pick-to-light, pick-by-voice, or the traditional picking list either in analog or digital form.

Characteristics for Person-to-Goods Picking

  • High variance of products
  • Limited number of identical items
  • High article turnover
  • Picking directly from pallets
  • Articles with special dimensions

Efficiency Through Semi-Automatic System Solutions

Do you want to make your person-to-goods picking process more efficient? The appropriate system solutions can be found at GEBHARDT. With our hybrid "zone picking" solution, you can transform your existing, manual system into a semi-automated solution. This hybrid solution prepares you for the high-throughput requirements demanded by your customers. Our solution allows a flexible deployment of your order picking staff and responds to scalable customer order peaks.

An Order Picking System at the Core of POLO’s Logistics Center

5 km of conveyor technology, 3 continuous lifts, 96 picking stations, and 60 store and shipping stations were installed at the new European central warehouse of the international motorcycle clothing and accessories supplier. Read the case study here.

Fully Automated to the Correct Storage Location

On the other hand, if you would like to optimize direct picking from shelving or warehouse systems while reducing the complexity of information for your employees, our GEBHARDT GridPick® will help you. Through GridPick, your picking personnel is guided through the warehouse to the correct storage location efficiently and fully automated. In doing so, your employees travel shorter distances at work, and the need to physically guide the means of transport is eliminated. This also supports age-appropriate employment principles and offers your employees an ergonomic workplace even in the person-to-goods system.

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