Pallets, Wire Mesh Boxes, and Large Load Carriers

Automatic high-bay warehouses can be designed as a rack-supported building as well as high-bay structure inside an existing building. GEBHARDT offers a wide range of storage solutions for pallets, wire mesh boxes, and other large load carriers. Whether shuttle or storage and retrieval machine, we can plan the perfect solution to meet your requirements, always considering scalability, flexibility, and high storage density. Our two-dimensional mobile shuttle solutions for pallets and wire mesh boxes represent a unique highlight for modern logistics centres. Live storage offers maximum storage density for heavy goods according to the FIFO principle.

Warehouse technology from GEBHARDT offers high energy efficiency and extremely high operational reliability. A high throughput rate ensures short access times with high space utilisation, single-deep, double-deep, or multi-deep in the channel.

Software for Controlling Your Warehouse

With an automatic pallet warehouse from GEBHARDT, you can use the maximum height of up to 40m on a small footprint. Our warehouse machines can be controlled with virtually all software packages available on the market, preferably with our Storeware or SAP software package. Our warehouse digitalization solutions round off our software offering. Galileo IoT delivers the foundation for Industry 4.0, including predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and intelligent service features.

Increased Efficiency with Ergonomic Workstations

Warehouse automation solutions will save you manual work over the long term and help you offset the prevailing labour shortage and high personnel costs. The proven ergonomics of our classic workstations and the integrated workstations are the perfect solution in times of an ageing workforce.

Automation Solutions with Automated Guided Vehicles and Safe Transport with GEBHARDT Conver® Goods Lifts

Even without an automatic warehouse system, you can take advantage of our solutions for heavy loads. Extended conveyor systems often streamline the daily workflow and increase efficiency in manual warehouse systems. Our conveyor technology for pallets, large load carriers, and wire mesh box is energy-efficient and has a modular design. State-of-the-art control systems ensure that they are fit for Industry 4.0. Where overhead traffic is important, the KARIS® automated guided vehicle system is the perfect solution for the intelligent networking of the material flow. It is equipped with intelligent navigation without any structural changes and a decentralised control architecture, making it suitable for operation in production facilities and distribution warehouses. Conver® Goods Lifts are specifically suitable for the transport of pallets, large load carriers and, for example, order picking carts in manual warehouse systems.

Examples of System Solutions

Transport of a Wide Range of Large Load Carriers in Dispatch at ebm papst

Automatic transport and packaging system for large packages as a link between production and dispatch at ebm-papst's assembly plant in Mulfingen-Hollenbach. One pallet is packed and prepared for dispatch every minute. Several packaging machines are directly integrated in the system. The conveyor technology consists of apron conveyors and therefore offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the load handling units used.

Multi-Deep Storage in the Channel with Pallet Shuttle and Storage and Retrieval Machine at KW Automotive

At KW Automotive uses a multi-deep pallet warehouse with pallet shuttle and a storage and retrieval machine as a replenishment warehouse for order picking in the small parts area as well as a warehouse for the paint shop connected to production. The Gebhardt StoreWare reorganises the warehouse at night so that the required load carriers can be accessed directly during working hours despite the high storage density.

Connecting Several Floors in the Logistics Centre at Reisser

In the Reisser logistics centre, a pallet conveyor system with integrated vertical conveyor interconnects different levels of the building. Each floor has conveyor sections for feeding and removing pallets to and from the pallet lift. The employees can directly load or unload the pallets with a hand pallet truck. The standardised PLC control system allows fast commissioning as well as smooth operation.

Storage of Pet Food in Live Storage with Storage and Retrieval Machine and QVW at Bosch Tiernahrung

At Bosch Tiernahrung, pallets of pet food are stored in a horizontal live storage system, which is filled on one side by a transverse carriage directly from production. On the other side, the conveyance goods are transferred from a storage and retrieval machine to the corresponding retrieval lanes for dispatch systems. A connected automated guided vehicle system serves another warehouse system for the intermediate storage of pallets.

Transport of Chemical Products at Merck

At Merck, the distribution centre in Darmstadt was expanded, the process chain was completed, rationalisation and process optimisation were achieved through in-house conveyor technology with control and integration into the SAP system. The conveyor technology deployed is robust and ideally suited for use in the chemical industry. The conveyor technology is used in the packing and shipping areas.

Efficient Distribution of Large Load Carriers at Miele

The centrepiece of Miele's central spare parts warehouse is an automatic miniload warehouse. An extensive network of pallet conveyor systems is also used, however. It connects the various sources and sinks in the large load carrier process. Transfer stations to forklift trucks are just as much a part of the system as the empty pallet storage and contour and weight checks.

Transport Bridge with Conveyor Technology over a Road at Schmitt+Meissner and Neff

When production or distribution locations are expanded, it is often necessary to connect the material flows of several buildings. If the buildings are separated by roads for transport logistics or as a fire brigade bypass, then conveyor technology bridges or belt bridges are very often used. These can be fitted with one or two conveyor lines, depending on whether the material flow is only intended in one direction or bidirectional.

Supply of a Manufacturing Plant in Mechanical Engineering with Palletised SRM and Pallet Shuttles

The assembly stage in a mechanical engineering production environment is supplied by an automated pallet warehouse. A storage and retrieval machine is used, which stores pallets with stacking frames at a high storage density. A pallet shuttle system stores box pallets and pallets with higher loads with a high turnover rate. Both systems supply connected picking workstations that are ergonomically designed.

Shipping warehouse for Tea at OTG

The increasing production had made it necessary to expand the logistics centre for the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft's (OTG) Lager- und Frachtkontor Süd (OLF Süd). GEBHARDT handled this task and implemented a state-of-the-art logistics centre for OTG in Grettstadt, Bavaria. The high-bay warehouse has a total height of 19.8 m, consists of three rack aisles, with double-deep storage and a total capacity of 6,300 pallet spaces. In addition to a connected order picking system, the warehouse also supplies the shipping department.

Automated Warehouse Logistics Solution for Pharmaceutical Products at Logistics Service Provider karldischinger

A fully automated, 6-aisle pallet warehouse was built for karldischinger. It receives incoming goods from the production of a manufacturing plant that is located further away. The warehouse offers double-deep storage. The warehouse consequently serves as an external logistics location operated by karldischinger in its capacity as a logistics service provider. The pallets are retrieved as required, loaded onto trucks and transported to their destination.


GEBHARDT Pallet Conveyor Technology at karldischinger

GEBHARDT, as general contractor, is implementing a fully automated distribution centre at the logistics service provider karldischinger in Ehrenkirchen.

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